collaborative clothing Business and Entrepreneurship 

Collaborative Clothing | More Than Just a Brand

More than just a brand? Well, that’s exactly what Collaborative Clothing is. I stumbled upon this brand not too long ago, and how I was in for a treat. Finding a brand that has the principal of helping others, simply while making attractive designs? Kind of like a dream come true right? Anyway, one of the biggest things that I always look for in companies is what they are doing for others. Not just helping through charities but through helping their peers as well. Personally I find a huge value…

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Defining Success, what success stories don't tell you Self Motivation 

Defining Success, What Success Stories don’t Tell You

Defining Success Defining Success is a very relative idea. Some might think it just starts with the simple lookup of the definition, but its much more than that. In the society that we live in success is used so frequently, we often can’t even define success. But the thing is, what is the actual definition? According to Webster Success is defined as: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Well sounds simple enough right? Not necessarily, because there are also a few other literal definitions to keep in mind: The…

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meditation yoga and the benefits Lifestyle and Empowerment 

Yoga For Mindfulness | Meditation Techniques

As we all know, Yoga in general has a very stereotypical stigma associated with it. We use Yoga for mindfulness very freely. Unfortunately there is a negative reputation that precedes. For the most part, yoga has always been considered more of a “fad” than an actual form of exercise, much less a way of life. Unfortunately many are drawn away from Yoga just by what they have seen or heard. What many don’t realize is the origin of yoga. Yes yoga for mindfulness can be one of those things you…

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use your instinct Lifestyle and Empowerment 

Using Your Instinct to Find the Way

It’s difficult to find your place and to choose wisely who you can trust. Sometimes, you take a step, feeling that you must be brave and take the risk, and you fall spectacularly. Thats where your instinct comes in. Experience is to fail and fail and fail until you find a little light. When you do, you feel that everything is worth the wait, the fight and the disappointment, but the way is hard. If you are aware of everybody and decide to keep your little heart safe, then you…

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happiness vs unhappiness Philosophy 

The Root of Unhappiness

Unhappiness is, I think, primarily the absence of happiness. It’s a void we try to fill in our lives and in our minds, a black hole that sucks at us until we think it is consuming everything about us. Being unhappy is deeply frustrating. Some people don’t even know the source of their feeling, just that it is there. The longer it goes on the tighter our orbit around that black hole becomes – the more time we spend thinking about it, the more it consumes us. We know something…

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Life's battle of stress Self Motivation 

Life’s Battle | Why Your Child Keeps you Alive

Life’s battle is always fought in one way or another. Sometimes you don’t know exactly where to step. Kind of like walking on quick sand. Your mind can change in no time. One day you go to sleep exhausted, tired of everything life has been throwing at you, your child is the only thing that makes you get out of bed and brings you a real smile. But somehow, suddenly you wake up with your eyes fixed in one thought. The thought of a protecting wolf with a hunter around….

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how to embrace your passion Making a Difference 

How to Embrace Your Passion | Career Success Tips

Embrace Your Passion Embracing your passion might seem like one of the easiest things you can do. However, it actually might be a bit more difficult to do than you would think. To embrace your passion you have to do more than just one thing, you have to actually find your passion as well. Finding your Passion Finding your passion is one of those things that goes hand in hand with when you embrace your passion. The biggest difference is, you might not know what you are truly passionate about….

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Loving yourself For Her 

Loving Yourself | Tips for Empowerment

The mind of a woman is like a browser with a million tabs opened. Some of them feel comfortable with it, some turn out┬ájust crazy. An intrinsic characteristic of women is that we do not like chaos. We just don’t. When our life (work, home, family, children…) gets out of control, we feel like a failure. And we cannot think about anything else. We just go down and feel terrible. I can tell you, from this point on, your life is going to be a real chaos, ┬ájust because you…

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