A Big Bombshell | The Evolutionary Mind is for Sale!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to bring you guys in on a couple different things. Yes, the site will be for sale! I wanted to have this formally on here for each of you to know and even have the opportunity for purchasing this amazing site. But I want to ensure that you always stay motivated not only through what is being said on here, but with the mindset that you have developed over the course…

"A Big Bombshell | The Evolutionary Mind is for Sale!"

Gary Vaynerchuk – Passion and Drive Keynote | Brand Building | Social Media Marketing

Passion and Drive are some huge points that you have to understand when you are building a brand, or even staying motivated. Gary Vaynerchuk if you don’t know is a social media marketer, influencer, and keynote speaker who focuses on the raw side of inspiration and motivation. This Video I made highlighting some of the major things you have to keep in mind when it comes to motivating yourself and building a brand. If each…

"Gary Vaynerchuk – Passion and Drive Keynote | Brand Building | Social Media Marketing"

Staying Inspired and Hustling | Steve Jobs Motivational Speaking

Hustling is a part of the game. Success doesn’t come without failure, hard work, and a ton of people saying that you can’t do something. That shouldn’t discourage you from doing anything, better yet that should inspire you to keep pushing harder than you’ve ever done before. Steve Jobs, as controversial as his time in founding Apple had been, has a ton of very moving, strong words about what it takes in being motivated and…

"Staying Inspired and Hustling | Steve Jobs Motivational Speaking"

Get Over the World

We were raised with the belief that we are pretty much the bodies we are wearing an that the outside world is undeniably real, solid and unquestionable.

We believe that are always four walls surrounding us, we believe those walls to be real and without question we believe to be limited by them.

We assume our circumstance to be real, powerful, potent, existing somewhere outside of ourselves, apart from our will and that we cannot change unless they do.

Take a deep breath, relax your mind and allow transcendence of the world happen for you.

"Get Over the World"

Tips to Better Your Lifestyle Today

Ways to better your lifestyle? Now that might seem hard, but surprisingly it is easier than you think. Bettering your lifestyle can come in many shapes and forms. So many things happen each and every day that will put more stress on our minds, and our bodies. But the important thing is to stay focused no matter what the obstacle is that is in front of you. Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight, but they…

"Tips to Better Your Lifestyle Today"