The brightness of the forsaken. Embracing your nature.

All of us have dealt with depression at least once in our lives. It’s a natural response to frustration in front of problems escaping from your hands. It’s okay, it’s alright. Different periods of our life lead us to paths we didn’t expect to find, normally holding hands with complicated situations, people making all difficult, rocks on the way you would have never thought they would be there. Our capacity of adapting to huge changes…

"The brightness of the forsaken. Embracing your nature."

Escaping A Life of Routine

Escaping Routine During my time in Ireland in 2016, I met numerous people who changed my view on life. One of the interesting people I met was a young woman around the same age as myself. We got to know one another we really got along very well. She was in Ireland at the time to learn English and she happened to stay in the hostel I had booked into. She is from Brazil and…

"Escaping A Life of Routine"

Intensity. The fuel of life.

Sometimes I’m forced to admit that I should get out of my inner world and have a look outside, just in case something had changed. But it’s so warm here… in fact my best work is always born there. Don’t you have those small tiny precious things that save you from this savage life? They are, perhaps, imperceptible but in some occasions, immense secrets you keep only for you and lock them with a smile.…

"Intensity. The fuel of life."

“There is no spoon!” – Master your life

When you truly get this, when this knowing hits home for you and you comprehend it 100% you are free! You are unplugged from the “matrix”, you are off the grid, you are outside the box…there was never any box to begin with.
You will sense that you are above the water when everyone else is drowning.
“There is no spoon”
Have fun.

"“There is no spoon!” – Master your life"