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Reacting to Any Situation | Parenting Woes

Parenting Woe’s Might Happen Where we Don’t Expect. When the weekend arrives, you just think “So it begins…” Take a deep breath, silence your thoughts and get ready to not go crazy with all the mess that the week brings. I used to stress out when any situation got out of my control but, over these years I’ve learned to “ignore” these kind of thoughts. When I start to become overwhelmed because of everything involved in a kids-weekend, I detect it and remove it from my mind. Right away. Because negative thoughts…

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How to Overcome Your Disability

If life were a game, ‘abilities’ would be the tokens we collect to advance ourselves. Abilities are the bronze coins, they are the pennies. We all have them stored away, but they are nothing like the gold coins we prize; they are commonplace. Disabilities Are The Real Prizes. They are rare, unique, and irreplicable. You may ask, how is a disability a good thing? Disabilities make me different. Exactly. That’s exactly it. Disabilities make you different. They let you stand out, they let you be seen. Don’t confuse this with…

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Healthcare System Reformation News and the World 

The US Healthcare System Reformation and Flaws |

The Healthcare System in the US is extremely flawed. Whether or not we want to see this, is definitely a personal choice. Healthcare system reformation is definitely one of those things that always seems to be a hot topic in politics, yet in our personal life it isn’t thought of nearly as much. Lets think, lets try and justify some of the costs for healthcare at the current time. Average Cost for “Riding” in an Ambulance: About $160 per mile Average Cost of an Emergency Room Visit: $1,233 Cost of getting…

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Heartbreak and the mind Quick Reads 

Heartbreak and the Mind | Quick Reads

Heartbreak is something that each and every one of us goes through in our lives. The feeling of completely feeling empty and lost is something that sets in and hits really hard. Why does this happen? We all have a million and one things going on in our minds, and subconsciously we are thinking more than we even realize. With heartbreak that is no different. I’m sure that most of you have gone through something like this. The thing that is almost fully is how we think without thinking (if…

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