Seeing Light in the Dark

Today my head was a mess since I woke up to go to bed. All day I’ve been trying to make me realize that my doubts were not meant to be and that everything was going to be okay. But nothing made me believe it. Many things I had given for certain, couldn’t accept them. It was as if some barrier didn’t let me reach the truth. I was not taking it, it was like I…

"Seeing Light in the Dark"

Love your challenges

Love your challenges. The challenges in your life are specifically made for you by you. They are the keystones that will teach you, guide you, transform you into something great. Growing trough your challenges will make you epic! So, Love your challenges. You don’t have problems, you have challenges. You don’t have random things appearing into your life with the intention to hurt you, make you suffer, make you lack, take away your freedom and…

"Love your challenges"

Repeated Lessons – Time to Learn

We all learn various lessons throughout life, some more than others, but it is inevitable. Life Lessons Have you ever had the same life lesson repeated? Does it seem you have to suffer the same occurrences over and over? Maybe you haven’t learnt the lesson… I have realized the a lesson will repeat itself until you have learnt what needs to be learnt. It is usually not a pleasurable experience and most life lessons push…

"Repeated Lessons – Time to Learn"

We Don’t See Things as They are. We See Them as We Are

Let’s just stop completely for a bit. Breathe slowly. And now look around you and realize the beauty of each thing, the space around you, wherever you are, look at the objects, at the people and think about what they remind you, the good memories that brings to you, in the true meaning of them, even if it’s a pen that has been given by a special person or a photograph of an unforgettable moment.…

"We Don’t See Things as They are. We See Them as We Are"

Your Dream is all you Know

Did You Know that your dreams, your True dreams, that one dream that makes You jump In Joy, that dream that makes your heart sing, that dream that truly makes You want to hug And Love everyone that You know…Yes that dream!
That dream, that vision, that version of yourself And that version of your Life…Is screaming for You! That dream, Believe it or not, Is who You are supposed to be!

"Your Dream is all you Know"