Through Hell to Save an Angel

Once you fell a sleep I heard a meow outside. I got into the porch to check it out, but nothing, there was no sign of a cat there. The sky was beautiful, a clear night full of shinning stars, a fresh wind and a calming moonlight. I was thinking about you and I felt your smell, that happy smile invaded my face and in that moment a shooting star fell of the sky. It…

"Through Hell to Save an Angel"

“There is no spoon!” – Master your life

When you truly get this, when this knowing hits home for you and you comprehend it 100% you are free! You are unplugged from the “matrix”, you are off the grid, you are outside the box…there was never any box to begin with.
You will sense that you are above the water when everyone else is drowning.
“There is no spoon”
Have fun.

"“There is no spoon!” – Master your life"

Ana’s Shadow – Horror Short Story

Ana’s Shadow is the story of Ema, who always thought that was something wrong with a girl from her class (Ana) but no one ever believe her. One day Ana and her family disappeared, just after her a baby brother was born, at that time Ema finally convinced her best friend Pedro to go investigate Ana’s house.
“It is a captivating well written adventure that teaches you how to not be afraid!”

"Ana’s Shadow – Horror Short Story"