Marketing and Affiliate Opportunities

My name is Dustin Meyer (I’m sure you figured that one out already! :)) and I run The Evolutionary Mind. Currently we have 7 authors including myself creating amazing content for the site. The main focus has been and will be motivation and inspiration to the masses.

Growth for the site is happening extremely quickly, and the month of October has proved to be another record setting month.

As far as advertising goes,

Currently I am only looking to lease out the Ad space in the Header of the site or in the Sidebar. It is a banner approximately 720 x 90 px for the Header and the sidebar is approximately 301 x 250 px. With your collaboration we will create a banner ad (unless you have one you want featured) an place it not only on the front page, but all corresponding pages that feature the header section. This gives you the potential for 20,000 ad impressions per month (at the bare minimum).

That would be the basic package that we can work out, only costing $20 (USD) for a month of it being featured.

From there, we also could write an extensive article outlining the cause that you guys are working for, giving all of the appropriate links for purchase (only links to your site) and social links as well throughout the post. This includes having the banner ad at the header section of pages like listed above. Also, you post will be refreshed everyday for the month as well, giving you exposure to even more potential customers. A total potential of 25,000+ Impressions per month.

For this next level package would come to $30 (USD) for a month of being featured

Now, for the works.

This gives you everything listed above in both packages. Also including helping create the increased social presence that you would need. Basically giving you all of the proper tools to manage your social media, creating links to your site, impressions, and more likes and followers to your respective pages. Being that the social presence of The Evolutionary Mind has been booming as of lately, being shared and featured on our pages definitely gives plenty of exposure to your site and products. With 1000+ Facebook likes on our page, 1500+ Instagram followers, plus the already nearly 3000 followers through the WordPress system, it definitely can help take your site to the next level. Giving you the potential for 30,000+ Impressions per month.

The top level package is actually the best bargain as well, $50 (USD) for 2 Months of Running ($25 USD per month)

Well, there you have it. That is everything that we can do for you and help elevate your business.

I pride myself in being able to provide the best service and content that is possible. Along with our amazing team, we can help you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish especially for a good cause.

Prices won’t be staying this low for long, as the site is growing rapidly and demand is getting more intense.

I look forward to working together,


Email me at with any questions.