Tips to Better Your Lifestyle Today

Ways to better your lifestyle? Now that might seem hard, but surprisingly it is easier than you think. Bettering your lifestyle can come in many shapes and forms. So many things happen each and every day that will put more stress on our minds, and our bodies. But the important thing is to stay focused no matter what the obstacle is that is in front of you. Lifestyle changes do not happen overnight, but they…

"Tips to Better Your Lifestyle Today"

Motivation for the Millennial | Drive and Hustle

Drive and hustle are two things which we all need in our lives. The big thing we all have to realize, is we have to be willing to put in the hard work in order to get where we want to be. As a millennial we need more motivation than others, why? Because we are entering the time where it matters most. The 20s and 30s of our lives are crucial. Being motivated gives us…

"Motivation for the Millennial | Drive and Hustle"

What is a Higher Self?

Your ‘higher self’ is literally you in a non-physical and higher dimension. The higher self is just you existing in a higher vibrational level, simultaneously with the ‘you’ that has a body and a mind and is living this physical life but in an higher perspective and seeing from a higher place.
As I introduce you to ‘him’ be prepared because, your life will now be on the right track forever.

"What is a Higher Self?"


Today I’ve been thinking about how fear paralyzes our lives and its relativity. Your resistance to troubles and facing them depends on your prior experience. The harder your problems are, the sillier the other ones seem to you. What yesterday made you shake, today makes you laugh. The story of my life. Along my life, I’ve learned to relativize my concerns. I remember anxiety attacks because of exams when I was in high school, terrible…