Let’s Connect! Drop your Twitter Username!

What’s up everyone, Something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while is connect more with you. Where we can create more of a network of bloggers and writers, and share content etc. Plus keep the conversation from the posts going on outside of the site. Overall, I want to be able to give you guys more, and be able to share and help as much as possible. Just think, From doing something like…

"Let’s Connect! Drop your Twitter Username!"

Motivation for the Millennial | Drive and Hustle

Drive and hustle are two things which we all need in our lives. The big thing we all have to realize, is we have to be willing to put in the hard work in order to get where we want to be. As a millennial we need more motivation than others, why? Because we are entering the time where it matters most. The 20s and 30s of our lives are crucial. Being motivated gives us…

"Motivation for the Millennial | Drive and Hustle"

Motivation with MJ | Michael Jordan – Excuses and Hard Work

As I always want to keep all of you in the loop, I’m going to be Uploading to the YouTube Channel at least 3 Times Per Week. I want to get into a schedule of doing quality videos for all of you, since that is what really drives me to keep pushing. Times have been tougher than usual in my life, and I’m not letting that stop me from continuing to motivate and inspire as…

"Motivation with MJ | Michael Jordan – Excuses and Hard Work"

Higher Self – Ways of communication

A kind of communication flowing directly from his infinite intelligence, love and wisdom, specifically intended to guide you in the creation of your life and to assist you in navigating your free will accordingly to your higher self’s intention for you.

Which is synonymous of living a life aligned with your purposed where your most wonderful dreams come true.

"Higher Self – Ways of communication"

Being a Dreamer | Characteristics of a Dreamer | Creating Reality

What are the Characteristics of a Dreamer? Something that is very interesting is how many people will dream rather than do. We are all dreamers of sorts. It does not take much to have a dream, and everyone has them. But most just settle and don’t try to make that dream a reality. Life does not have to be something that we just let pass by, we can live to the fullest, with no regrets, here…

"Being a Dreamer | Characteristics of a Dreamer | Creating Reality"