Heal Your Scars During Challenging Moments

Sometimes the direction of our life changed at a single word said thoughtlessly by a single person, we are healed of our scars. Scars are not only treated by the ones we love. Among the people we meet, there is that person. Scars that seeps into ones brain and heart. Damages unseen by naked eye. Buried deep down, almost impossible to heal as we earnestly deal the painful memories of the dreaded experiences. We become…

"Heal Your Scars During Challenging Moments"

Motivating Yourself: Finding that Sweet Spot

Motivation definitely is hard, especially motivating yourself. There always is going to be a way to motivate yourself, but stay somewhat sane at the same time. With that, I have 3 things that you can work on today in order to find that sweet spot with motivating yourself moving forward. Things are hard, never easy. This is definitely without saying, but many of us forget that we have to go through many hard things before…

"Motivating Yourself: Finding that Sweet Spot"

Overcoming the Hurdles of Starting a Clothing Brand

So this might be a long shot, but I’ve recently embarked on a journey to start a clothing brand with: me. This has been one of the biggest things I have wanted to do for many years now, and finally after a bit of trial and error, and a ton of stress the day has come where the brand is finally launched! Opia Clothing Company is a street wear clothing brand that focuses on the…

"Overcoming the Hurdles of Starting a Clothing Brand"

Join The Evolutionary Mind Team!

In need of more exposure as a writer? How about more traffic to your site? Well, I want to extend an invitation to you: I would love to have you as a part of our writing team! The Evolutionary Mind is all about motivation, inspiration, and provoking thought. Whether it is a lifestyle that you are currently living or pride yourself in helping others; I want you to be a part of our movement. The…

"Join The Evolutionary Mind Team!"


Will you choose to be making love with the love of your life or will you choose to be worried about not having money to pay the rent in 10 years from now?
Will you choose feel amazing about yourself right now, will you choose to feel beautiful right now, will you choose to give yourself the permission to be who you want to be right now or will you choose to be afraid?
Don’t blindly chase for success, instead blindly chase for your happiness.