Post Travel Depression – Coming Home

Suffering from Post Travel Depression It’s not even an entire day and I can feel the uneasy feeling settling in. I made my way home and waited for my family to arrive. My irritation levels seemed elevated but I remained patient; the post travel depression had arrived. I had just come back for the United Arab Emirates after having spent 3 days in Dubai. When I travel it feels as if time slows down. I…

"Post Travel Depression – Coming Home"

♡ Perfect Love ♡

Once upon a time… well you know the story right? A girl met a boy and they live a happy life forever and ever on this world. But let’s change the story a little bit, let’s change it … to my story. This girls meets the boy and he shows her the moon and the stars, they will guide them to the happy life and they will live there forever and ever. And we think “It isn’t…

"♡ Perfect Love ♡"

Being happy is all that is worth being

Embracing with humility that we know ‘nothing’, that life is filled with lessons, balances, energies, changes, points of view, infinite parallel realities, mirrors to self and endless mysteries. It all comes down to this, “Be Happy”! All that we want, all that we need, all that we are seeking is contained in our happiness. Happiness is a flow, is a state, it is a feeling and it is ‘Who we are’. We can choose it,…

"Being happy is all that is worth being"

You are Not who They See

Each and everyone of us have a purpose in this life, a “Calling”. Our calling/our nature/our essence/who we truly are may have nothing to do with the calling of the people around us. Specially when the people around us have no clue what so ever of what their calling is and what they here to do in this life. Everyone around you (friends, family, teachers, …) will spoon fed their ideas unto you, if they…

"You are Not who They See"

When Dreams Become Real

Do you know those moments in your life where everything is so perfect.
Those moments where you are living everything that you ever dreamed to live.
Where you find yourself living a moment of your pure and most perfect dream.
You are experiencing a moment, that months ago was your dream … that dream that was ‘impossible’, that would never, ever, ever happen.. and there you are, living it.…

"When Dreams Become Real"