Pushing Yourself Further, Essential Changes

When it comes to pushing yourself further, there is just one key. Your mind. Everything when it comes to making yourself better or developing who you are as a person starts from right inside you. There is no guide on how to do these things. Only guidelines which you can keep in mind when you hit your next obstacle. Where people get it wrong is by looking to outside sources rather than right where it…

"Pushing Yourself Further, Essential Changes"

On Individuality (3 Min Read)

Everyone has their own sense of being. We all know who we are (at least who we think we are) or how we want to be. Each of us will always hold the power to truly become an amazing individual. The thing is, there is too often where someone may fall into the idealistic view of how society wants them to be (or even others on a smaller scale). In the end, we must fight…

"On Individuality (3 Min Read)"

Who is a Visionary?

Visionaries have a vision, plain and simple. But those with a vision aren’t always visionaries. You have to have a certain drive within you in order to fulfill the requirements. It is not something that just happens overnight either. It takes time and effort (Or not). Simply put, you have to truly understand you, and where you want to go in order to become a true visionary.

"Who is a Visionary?"

Be Yourself, Tips to Stand Out

To Be Different can’t be that hard right? Well, in a society which tries and mold us into a certain stereotype it might be a little more difficult than it seems. We are given so many different tools in actually being yourself, yet when it comes down to it we are also easily influenced by what goes on around us or what we see. Fortunately, the most attractive thing about an individual is the fact…

"Be Yourself, Tips to Stand Out"

Fix Life, Face Fears, The First Step?

It’s difficult to follow through with all your obligations when you are exhausted, sad or simply sick. The more you slow down working, the worse you feel, the less motivation you have…. not easy right? Sometimes I think that we keep some things, situations, reflections or emotions in our mind that don’t let us have our consciousness clean or calm. That call you never did, that work you moved aside, that help you didn’t bring……

"Fix Life, Face Fears, The First Step?"