Post Travel Depression – Coming Home

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Suffering from Post Travel Depression

It’s not even an entire day and I can feel the uneasy feeling settling in. I made my way home and waited for my family to arrive. My irritation levels seemed elevated but I remained patient; the post travel depression had arrived. I had just come back for the United Arab Emirates after having spent 3 days in Dubai.

When I travel it feels as if time slows down. I was only in Dubai for 3 days but it felt like a week. My senses are elevated and I see so much while I travel. My days are busy but I am truly happy during my time travelling. Upon return the dreaded blues return and I miss the travelling immediately!

I feel frustrated when others do not feel the way I feel when I speak about travel and this only worsens my emotional state.

Experience the Feelings

Despite the terrible post travel depression, I would rather experience the sad feelings and know I have seen part of the world. I would happily be overwhelmed, temporarily, my unhappiness, knowing I experienced and learned something new during my time in Dubai.

Travel really does change us and we see everything through different eyes. My soul has been changed and a piece of my heart wanders through the silk, spice and gold markets in Dubai. When I close my eyes I still see the Burj Khalifa rise into the sky, like needle attempting to pierce the heavens.

Even though it will take me a few days to return to my neutral emotional state, I know we need sad feelings to appreciate the good feelings so much more.


Check out my blog, Grey’s Travels, as I document my 3 days in Dubai.

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