Religion vs. Beliefs | Concept Comparison

The battle of Religion vs. Beliefs is one that will rage on through all of time. It always has and always will.

Both of these are very crucial to the existence of the real “Human” part of life. Everyone’s mind will always be different, therefore having a different view on life. Both religion and beliefs are something that regardless of what someone might say, they indeed have. You might consider yourself an atheist, but that is still believing in something right?

Either way, these have a crucial impact on the world, and will not be going anywhere. The biggest thing is figuring out how to really distinguish and understand both, rather than forcing your religion or beliefs upon someone else. Think about how or what you believe in, and keep that in might as you are reading the rest of the article.

Religion is a topic of controversy

Whether or not you want to admit it, the facts definitely show that there is more controversy with religion than other beliefs. You might talk about all of the religion based wars that have happened or are happening. Or maybe the controversy that revolves around the catholic church and their priests and cardinals. Regardless, religion might be very controversial, it does so much good as well. There are many people which are completely lost and feel hopeless, when they are “saved” they completely find themselves again.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I disagree on, but in the end it might help more people than not.

Beliefs are what make you human

Beliefs are something we all have. If you think about it, our “standards” and “morals” are beliefs. They are something which will always be with us. When it comes to life, your beliefs are what define you. Beliefs could be literally anything. For instance, lets say you believe in and afterlife or spirits, someone might not agree with you but those are you beliefs. No matter what people try to tell you, beliefs aren’t going anywhere. With religion, at least through history, the big thing was converting people.

That idea is literally changing someone’s beliefs, and if you resisted, they used force. Now something like that doesn’t seem to rational right?

Religion vs. Beliefs

The big question is what really is the right way of thinking? The answer: both. Both of these ideas are extremely powerful and definitely should not be taken lightly. Religion has such a positive impact on the world, that people forget to see. Beliefs on the other hand are that thing that defines you. Both of these can work together. The only thing that has to happen, is they should stay with you, your religion/ your beliefs. Yes, not everyone will think the same, but you cannot push them on others. It shouldn’t be the battle of religion vs. beliefs, it should just be religion and beliefs.

This world is in turmoil nonetheless, we don’t need any more issues from something which we can avoid.

In the end, just be yourself.

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Dustin Meyer

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  1. As an antitheist I’d like to see all religions banned (at least to anyone under eighteen). In my opinion the primitive superstition in religion is straight out of the human psyche. Freud described religion as a mass delusion. I agree. I think we indoctrinate children into something that is psychologically dangerous. The harm greatly exceeds the good.
    Beliefs are irrational by definition. If it cannot be proved it is exceedingly dubious. Nothing can be proved apart from the fact that I exist.
    Spirituality is about harmony with the universe. Religion is a man created dogma used to ferment division and hatred by power-seeking tyrants.

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