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Motivating from the Inside.

Motivating yourself can be a serious task. With the right tools, you can do anything you want to do and whenever you want to do it. What are those tools?

The secret hides deep within yourself, no one knows this secret better than you. Everything you do, every decision you make comes with a price. In the end, you will find that even the hardest decisions can be very difficult to figure. When you are looking inside your being, you will find too many things to even state. But why is everything within you? (Related: Tips for a Mindful Life)

To say that you are your own worst enemy is a huge understatement. Fears are something that is very much so internal, and with those fears you find limitations. Fears like many other things you create. Being able to create those, also gives the ability to destroy them as well. Many things you have to figure out how to move passed those.

Motivation is a task which it takes a hell of a lot of patience to master, and even with time and effort sometimes we will find that the task is never ending. You have the tools in place, there is no manual to success, or to motivate yourself better than anyone else around you. You are the key; you have to understand your potential before anyone else can even think about becoming greater.

With that being said, never give up! There is always something to fight for, and no matter what, you can do anything you set your mind to. Take chances, do the extraordinary, be yourself.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. I can self motivate for long periods but every now and then it all becomes deflating and seems pointless. That’s when a little encouragement from someone else makes all the difference.

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  3. The words “You are your harshest critic” are so true. The biggest obstacle to overcoming other obstacles is overcoming yourself.

    • Most definitely, we fall on ourselves harder than anyone else. In the end, once we conquer that, we can conquer all.

      Thanks for the comment and read!

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