The Truth Behind the 2016 Election of Donald Trump | 2017 Update

As we all know (and most of the world) Donald Trump is our new president.

That being said, yes there could be so many things we can say about the situation, but frankly I am a bit disappointed. Having your front runner for one of the major political parties, being very out front about a few topics might not be the best spokesperson for this country.

The US being one of the most powerful countries in the world, we are now faced with an interesting dilemma. The President of the 2016 Presidential Election Donald Trump, has openly put down minorities, persons with disabilities, women, and even said Global Warming is fake. Huh???

Yes, we can go on and on about what we are faced with now, but the harsh truth is, we still have a republican congress, and a radical Donald Trump. I do get the idea that “He wanted to break the political system” being he has no experience. Being the business person that he is, I would hope he doesn’t try to run the country the same way he has run his businesses.

Women and the 2016 Election

Openly condoning sexual harassment is definitely a big no no in the modern society. The simple fact that women have been fighting for equal rights since the dawn of the country, is frightening. Unfortunately, we still don’t see the equality. As women are being treated as more of a material rather than people, especially in the sexual harassment aspect.

The glass ceiling still exists more than we are comfortable with admitting. Unfortunately as you may have already seen, there has been numerous instances where women have been demeaned, even by other women in the Trump cabinet. Where we have been noticing that those women, have been not only condoning the behavior by Trump, but defending it. Personally that is one thing that just doesn’t make sense. However, Women have been facing situations like this for many years, and it wasn’t until 1972 when Women also gained equal rights through The Equal Rights Amendment for Women.

So where does that put us now? Women are continuously faced with situations like those stated above, and unfortunately:

That won’t go anywhere (at least for the next 4 years).

2016 Presidential Election for Immigrants and Minorities

Minorities and immigrants have also been under fire, not just by President Elect Donald Trump, but his supporters. Unfortunately this is something that is a real wake up call for the country. Racism is here, alive, and flourishing. Just take a look at any of the video’s/interviews from the Trump Rallies.

It seems like Racism has come back from hiding and people are much more comfortable expressing their “hate” openly. The thing that concerns me the most is that everyone is seeing this, yet doing nothing. We have people under fire simply because they are black, Muslim, Mexican or any other minority. Why?

Unfortunately as (again) we have seen that the comments won’t stop. Also, recently we have been broadsided by a HUGE Controversial moment in the Trump administration, which again has only been effective for around 10 Months (at the Time of this Writing). As I’m sure many of you have saw, that when Sgt. La David Johnson and 3 other American service members were killed in the terrorist ambush in Niger, Trump called Johnson’s widow Myeshia. The most heartbreaking phone call she received included Trump stating “He Knew what he Signed Up for”. Where at face value that might have made sense, but you are speaking to the Wife of a fallen soldier, whom has fought defending this country.

If that wasn’t enough, this story ended up being hugely publicized by every major news network in the country. Which regardless of the intent, Trump just plain doesn’t think.

But that isn’t all, there have been occasions where he has “flexed” his Presidential power, in signing these executive orders, while at the same time criticizing Barack Obama and presidents before him.


To Top it off, one of the first things that Trump did as President of the United States, is Sign an executive order placing a Travel Ban, on citizens from various Muslim and Islamic countries, including Syria. To think that he isn’t just slightly racist might just be a bit silly don’t you think?

We have to have someone that is willing to stand for the right of the people, rather than to prove a point.

Puerto Rico and the Hurricane Relief Efforts

As you may know as well, Puerto Rico has been devastated by 2 major hurricanes this year, Maria and Irma. Both of which hit the island as Category 5 Hurricanes, Maria made a direct hit. This was nearly 2 months ago now since Irma hit. Nearly 80% of the Island still doesn’t have power.

Trump has made it clear that the United States won’t be helping as much as they should for one of the most important commonwealths that is still a part of our country. Yes, Puerto Rico isn’t a state, but they still fall under United States territory, and therefore deserve our help. Not to mention the power situation. Recently there was a story that was released regarding FINALLY getting some help to Puerto Rico, and their power grid. It ended up being a Multi-Million dollar contract for the government. This was for a small company ran by two guys to help Puerto Rico….What???

Going back a bit as well, this has been nearly a month until some sort of effort is put into helping. However, when it comes to Florida, Trump jumped on the wagon real quick with his buddy Rick Scott. The same went with Texas and Harvey, Trump was quick to jump in and help. But why not Puerto Rico?

Money can Buy anything including the 2016 Election

Unfortunately, we can now all agree that money can buy anything. That even goes for 90% of the cabinet positions and even as of recently, government contracts that Trump approves. Giving us a wonderful idea on how this man plans to run our country into the ground.

The President Donald Trump bought his way into the office he holds, lets just hope that he does not run this country the same way he did his businesses that have failed.

Have a good one guys,

Let me know your takeaways from the 2016 Election and Donald Trump.


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