How to Achieve Success as a Writer

If you’re a writer then you know all too well, the struggle to achieve success.

Whether you write copy, content, author non-fiction or fiction books, or aspire to become a successful writer, you are looking for the best method to accomplish your goal.

You should know that your dream is not beyond your reach.

It seems to be the way of the world. Reality is what it is, it encroaches upon us as if it were an affliction. Most times it can feel as if the world is trying to hold you back. You don’t have to suffer that existence. Success as a writer is within your grasp, now more than ever before.

What writer hasn’t dreamt of becoming the next J.K. Rowling or Stephen King. What writer hasn’t fantasized about earning that six-figure income as a copywriter, working from the comfort of wherever they want. Do you dream of just publishing your book to help people? Do you have something to say that could change the lives of others? Is your desire to finally become the best writer you can be, to just see where your talent can take you?

Why Is Success So Hard to Achieve?

  • You didn’t start out with a good plan to get you there. Lack of a plan for your writing can attribute to “writer’s block” and can stop you dead in your tracks. How do you expect to reach the golden city of success if you don’t have a map to get you there?
  • So many writers fail to show up for their writing. They don’t write as often as they should, life gets in the way, and their writing goals go unrealized. If you don’t have the discipline to put forth the effort required to achieve success that you want, you’ll never realize your dream.
  • Let’s face it, most of us have a day job and many distractions that keep us from putting the time aside to reach our writing goals. It is last on our list of priorities and often gets shoved to the back burner. Any writing goals we have are subject to our hectic lives.
  • If we are depressed, unfocused, distracted, or lacking faith in ourselves, our writing goals can go unrealized. How can we achieve success without the right state of mind? The way you perceive the world around you will have everything to do with your chances of success. With the wrong state-of-mind your writing will suffer, but more important, it will cause you to miss out on the opportunities for success.
  • People today want and often expect instant gratification. When you’ve put in months of effort and haven’t achieved your main objective, you may lose your drive to succeed. Once that’s gone your chances of success are greatly diminished. Your overall well-being, as well as your career, could suffer the consequences of defeat.

Create a Writing Plan

Before you begin your journey toward success, you should create a detailed plan of how you will get there. Having a plan set in place gives you direction and can motivate you to meet the necessary steps along the way. Being organized and having clear intentions makes your ultimate goal that much more achievable.

Schedule your writing time and separately schedule your research time. Be realistic. Make a sacrifice to include an hour of writing into your everyday schedule. But consistency pays off when you’re honing your skills. If you show up day after day and put in the time, your writing will improve. Your chances to achieve success as a writer improve right along with your effort.

Get Motivated

You can get yourself motivated to write simply by doing research. Pinterest surfing your interests is a great way to brainstorm ideas or even to find ideas in the first place. Reading can spark your creativity, inspire and motivate you to create some of the best work you’ve ever written.

Accomplish your networking at the same time by commenting on what you’ve read. You’re doing research and becoming inspired, and curating content for your network.

Improve your skills as a writer by consuming the words of other writers. The key to your success is to put forth the effort required to grow as a writer. Amass a large amount of writing by just showing up to do the work.

Finding the Time/Making the Time

In putting aside some time to write on a regular schedule, you may be required to make some sacrifices. If your desire to be a successful writer is there, you will cut out an hour of primetime TV. If you are sufficiently motivated, you will set your alarm to wake-up an hour early. You will carve out the time that you need to get to the business of writing. It is something you are driven to do.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Without a positive outlook, many of your goals will go unrealized. When you can’t believe you can accomplish something, chances are you won’t. If you don’t believe that goal will be realized, then you won’t take the actions you must take to achieve it. You have to have a positive outlook because it reinforces your intention and that makes things happen.

If you are looking for real results, then consciously choose to have a more positive outlook. Positive thinking brings about positive results.

Reward Your Efforts

There’s no better way to establish a habit than by rewarding the action you want to repeat. Reward yourself after every half-hour of writing. Have a cookie, pour your first cup of coffee, take a five-minute break. Whatever realistic reward system that you can think of that will get your happy thoughts buzzing. It’s those happy thoughts appearing that will bring you back to the page day after day with more enthusiasm than before.

Now that you’ve put in all of this hard work, you will definitely start to achieve success, if you haven’t already. The small successes will keep you motivated to do the work necessary to reach your higher goals. In the end, you are well equipped to tackle all the things that will be required to get you where you ultimately want to be. Stay focused and stick to your plan. With all the content you create, you’ll have plenty of material to draw a wider audience to your writing.


What strategies do you incorporate to reach your writing goals?

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    • Hi Patricia, I feel the same way. Preplanning is great because it gets me straight into creating rather then brainstorming and it’s the writing I love to do. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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