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We live our life as if there were only one way to run. We let our circumstances sweep us along and just, adapt as much as we can. Right?

Stop, Stop it now. Don’t be a player, be the owner of the game.

We’re used to changing our clothes, our hair, our house, but we don’t touch what is most important to train and develop: our mind. We panic when we look beyond our comfort zone. But let me ask you a question:

Do you feel you’ve got the reins on your life? Are you feeling like a boss? Are you THE boss of your life? Of your work? Of your own body? 

Your mind will give up a thousand times before your body will.


You don’t want mediocrity, you don’t want failure? So, be brave, face your fears, kick your comfort zone in the butt and set your real goals to achieve. Imagine that there’s no limit. What would you want? How would you imagine your perfect life?

Now let me tell you something: Good news, THERE IS NO LIMIT!

There’s no limit for someone who works, works, and works harder towards the end goal.

No limit for those who everyday recognize their mistakes and not only fix them but learn from them.

No limit for those who are extremely self-demanding and humble.

This is the first step you must take:

Stop complaining, stop saying “I can’t”. No more excuses, sit down and decide what are you willing to make for your own life. For your family, and for the ones you love. Be bold, be a lion. Be proud.

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Mar Watercolor

My work and soul are focused on visceral effort.
On the hunger of something better.
The freedom of discipline.
The righteousness of honesty and humbleness.
The intense power of bowing down.
The abruptness of finding your way to a safe place.
The peace when you finally find it.

That’s why I work on motivation, inner inspiration and self-empowerment.


    • Thank you very much, this was the first of many posts by our new Author Mar! You can check out some more of her work at her site at

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