Body Image in Men, a real Self Esteem Issue

Body Image – Noun: The subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body.

As we all know, body image is a huge concern for our society. This topic, however, usually revolves around women and girls. Yes, that is a huge concern, but men surprisingly have just as many issues with this, we just don’t hear or talk about it.

Retail Psychology

The same stigma goes around the world with men feeling like they have to be “manly” and hide their feelings and emotions. Unfortunately this causes a huge issues when it comes to self esteem, and body image. For instance, if you take a trip to any retail clothing store, all of the mannequins are “perfect” people wearing the clothing, this is especially true for Sports retail stores (women can apply this as well).

Where it might not seem like a huge ordeal, subconsciously this causes a problem. “Yeah that looks really good on that perfectly built mannequin, but it wouldn’t on me”. That is a very common reality (I’ve experienced this first hand personally). Now, this unfortunately isn’t the only stigma that is plaguing thousands of men with Body Image issues.

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Being Manly

Men as a whole have a preconceived notion that we have to hide our feelings.

Here are a few shocking Facts that More people need to know about Men’s body image issues:

  • Roughly 26% of Men are Dissatisfied with their body, Compared to Roughly 28% of Women.
  • About 42% of Men aren’t happy with their current weight.
  • For Men about 38% were Dissatisfied with their Muscle Tone.


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So, where these might seem a bit shocking, this is reality for thousands of men around the world, especially in the US. We are meant to hide our feelings and “Suck it up” when it comes to emotion and hardship in life. With the media giving us a really skewed idea of what the ideal body is, we are left thinking that something is wrong with us. Psychologically that causes a bunch of havoc on us.

Having so many things thrown around where we can’t even express emotion without being judged or shamed, is no way to be living.

Brand Sexism

Body image and brand sexism are both taboo topics, and here we have both where they are related. Unfortunately, even in marketing and the media, we see what is considered the “perfect” person. For men, even if we are watching sports on TV or commercials for our favorite sneakers, they use a certain type of person.

Again, this reiterates having something fed to us, or seeing it all of the time, we start believing it. Once we start believing that we aren’t perfect (as men) we can fall into a few different things including: depression, anxiety, and of course the negative body image.

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Body Image and Psychological Issues

Being that we always are seeing these examples and they burn into our head, it affects Men more that you would think. Like you saw in the stats above, a good portion of men are having these issues. Like I said as well, depression and anxiety are just two of the things that over time could develop.

The biggest thing is being aware, that men need to be comfortable with their body. Realize that regardless of what everyone else says, that you really are unique. You are one of one. No one has the right to tell you otherwise.

Self Esteem is a huge issue when it comes to body image. If you’re like me, I’ve been very self conscious my entire life. Where some may say I have no reason to be, well I do. That is another unfortunate reality for many of you as well.

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What is the Reality of Body Image in Men?

Well, simply put for all of you who have issues with body image and self esteem, you aren’t alone. There is no problem or wrong in actually expression how you feel. Whether it be to yourself, or even your spouse or friends, it doesn’t make you less cool or less manly, it makes you a human. Emotions and feelings are what makes us humans, just because we are men, does not mean anything, we are still people, individuals with feelings and they have to be expressed.

Being this is such a big issue, maybe it is actually time to do something about it.

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