Bright, shiny, white, special minds

Pressure makes the most and the less of us. Sometimes, until you’re not taken to the limit, you don’t react, don’t push yourself and your possibilities because you just, didn’t have the need.

Compulsive minds are complicated basically by the huge effort you need to do to control your impulses to a “normal” point. So, what happens when you add extra stress? Well, it depends. You suffer different phases. The terror one, when you enter in your panic room because you feel the cold sweat of losing the reigns; then you recover your breath and stare at the mountain of things waiting for you, hard situation or person; an enthusiastic emotion of being able to hit on your own and finally, acceptance and realization that your life will go on tomorrow with, or without you.

The beauty of a special mind… goes beyond words and measure, because they don’t have protocols, stupid social rules… they only need to be understood in a passive way. To not be judged, bullied or laughed at, it’s enough.

I love my team so much because all of them have bright shiny white beautiful minds pouring sparkling, confusing, sharp, intense thoughts without even meaning it. Ah… that is the real beauty, genuine and pure. Like the darkest moment in the night, that silence, before the thunderstorm.

Ah… don’t hide, don’t be shy and embrace your thoughts, fears and throbbing emotions. They are only yours, and no one can take them away from you.

Mar Watercolor

My work and soul are focused on visceral effort.
On the hunger of something better.
The freedom of discipline.
The righteousness of honesty and humbleness.
The intense power of bowing down.
The abruptness of finding your way to a safe place.
The peace when you finally find it.

That’s why I work on motivation, inner inspiration and self-empowerment.

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