Change, What is Really Needed for the Country

Change is something that is very un-nerving for most people. The way people see it, is that it is very unknown. The unknown is somewhere that most fear. Fear of what is going to happen, or what will happen.

But change is good, some on the other hand is bad, but mostly good. For instance, in this country, it has been thrown around a lot in politics. The upcoming election proves that pretty much every candidate will exploit change in order to get that vote. We however, need something real, not just false promises. Not only a leadership change, but an overhaul of how the system is ran.

The system is a whole new beast, it is something that I think we all can agree upon (No matter where you are in the world). Politics I’ve discussed previously, and will discuss more often as time goes on.

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Which brings me back to the point of why people are afraid of it. You don’t know what is going to happen when you jump into it; it is something that is kind of mystical. Like I said, you will never know how good or bad change is unless you jump into it. When you go through change, generally no matter what that is you learn from it. Is learning bad? I don’t think so.

People are too set in their ways to accept the it. If it is a society change, workplace, relationship, whatever it is, they are set in their ways. The best thing to possibly do is to be open minded. Approaching life with an open mind is the only way to live. It is such a good thing, and it is about time that people realize this. You can look at everything in life as scary, but there is always a way to overcome your fears. The same goes for change.



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