Get in Sync with your Children’s Imagination

Syncing with Our Children’s Imagination

We all know our children’s imagination is full of color and magic, but sometimes we are not at the height of it.

One thing that have helped me a lot to get in sync with my daughter is to, when I’m with her, take few seconds to silence my mind and change my entire thoughts by a river of alluring imagination. I always try to get in her feet and submit to her world.

It’s easier than it seems! Not everybody is playful or knows how to act silly with kids, but just, try to dye your mind with the excitement only a kid can bring to an average game.

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Brain Development and Growth

Not very inspired? Think about music, colors, outdoor games, flowers, cloud shapes. They only need you to see through reality and notice every tiny little detail around you. Youtube and Pinterest are FULL of awesome parents sharing their ideas to everyone.

At my home, there are no toys, just loads of crafting material. I use all the packaging that I would throw away, every little colorful thing, to spend quality time with her, building a new story and adventure we can live together. Quality time. That’s the key.

For us to tap into our Children’s imagination we have to ensure we do anything we can to stimulate it. We can cop out and buy toys so they are entertained, but how is that stimulating brain development and growth? Well it isn’t. If you think about it, why do you think series such as “The Little Einsteins” have been so successful for growth and development?

This seems a silly advice, right? It’s not, to make an extra effort to understand their dreams and world will change radically your connection with them. They are here to teach us a ton of lessons, as long as we are willing to listen carefully.




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Mar Watercolor

My work and soul are focused on visceral effort.
On the hunger of something better.
The freedom of discipline.
The righteousness of honesty and humbleness.
The intense power of bowing down.
The abruptness of finding your way to a safe place.
The peace when you finally find it.

That’s why I work on motivation, inner inspiration and self-empowerment.


  1. Yes! Excellent advice. At times I want a second chance with my kids. Time flies by and before you know it they’re grown. Such precious time with them as kids in the moment are some of my fondest memories!

  2. Grandparents can benefit from this advise too. I had two of my grandkids (ages 7 and 8) over for Thanksgiving and I just went with their flow. We had a blast playing outside, setting up a fort in the living room, and seeing who could draw the best dragon. I think I had more fun than they did.

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