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Creation is one of the things that might get brought up in discussion nowadays. When I say creation I literally mean just that, creation of everything. That includes the universe, life, planets, stars, etc. The thing is, there are so many different views on how everything came about and what was the factor behind that. I want to discuss a few that we can eliminate from thought.

Creation Big Bang.jpgUsually when we talk about creation there are two main theories: the Big Bang, and a God like creator. The thing is, both are just that, theories. One is purely scientific (Which is more proven) and the other is solely spiritual. Both have millions of people who believe in one or the other, but they both could be skewed.

The Big Bang is one which basically states that there was nothing, then out of nowhere a sort of explosion created matter (and dark matter) and everything else along with it. Scientists claim to be getting closer to finding the origins of the universe based on this theory. It is almost like quite literally creating something out of nothing. What I find is that The Big Bang theory (no not the show) is much more feasible than others. I believe that science is more reputable than any other source.

But why is a creator not feasible? Simply put, its the exact same concept. Some being basically had nothing and created the universe and everything in it. In the early parts of history people just believed this to be true, mainly because nothing else had evidence of being more accurate. Having a creator just does not make sense. We are pushed into believing (those who are really religious/spiritual/whatever else) that a god created man and everything else. Which does not make sense because if man was created that way, what explains evolution? Already, that theory is put to rest.

All in all, however, we will believe what we want. Realistically no man was alive (or being at that) in order to know really what happened. Like most science, and philosophy we have to go off a theory, until there is some way to prove that the theory is in fact true. Whatever you believe, don’t be afraid to stick to that, but if you have an open mind, you will see where the questions lie.

Let me know in the comments what you think.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. There is another way to think of Creation – as a “process”. Evolution of the Cosmos out of The Big Bang, evolution of The Earth out of which Life evolved, the evolution of Life out of which Consciousness evolved, the evolution of Culture out of Consciousness, etc etc – a process that strives? (not a good word here really) for continual evolving. If the Cosmos is shaped like a moebius doughnut, we see it expanding since the Big Bang, because that’s where we are in it. But after a few trillion years, it might contract! Just thinking…..

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  3. My thoughts are this. All that is and will exist has always been. All matter is energy vibrating. Energy never dies only changes form. So the particles that exist as me are eternal. The cycles of universes and big bangs etc. are the expansion and contraction of energy repeatedly. Though it is the same initial force it is in different form so will manifest randomly each time. Same as my body will die to nourish the earth to feed plants and so forth.
    As for the God concept and while we are at it let’s throw in Freud’s bastard Self and all ideas that within us there exists an other soul or spirit. In order for us to deal with certain realms of thought for some people it is maddening almost insane to take thought as a whole. I should know as my thinking on the above infinite idea about drove me insane when I first began developing it 17 years ago. So it becomes beneficial to separate and compartmentalize ideas. Man needed hope in a hopeless world. We are but waiting to die (yet without a God this randomness may have spawned the perfect intelligence to get off the rock) so they pointed to the most powerful and ultimately the end of all we will know…the Sun in the sky and gave it a mind and thoughts and jealousies so forth. As Man grew more intelligent we understood that the sun was inanimate circling it’s course. So then God was taken from it and told at campfires as wild tales, magical, scary, to keep their children safe from the dangers in the world. These too became ridiculous they must remove the face. Such is our God or Allah now. The One. Powerful note. I have read the bibles collection of campfire stories and glittery remembrances of a poor revolutionary named Jehoshua 15 times cover to cover. Strip away what you have been told all of it means and read it as an observer it’s a very different story. The kingdom of god is within you and you too will be my brothers and sisters. He was a very powerful teacher who completely altered history yet he as well was still cursed that even his closest disciples could not understand to remove 1000’s of years of ingrained thought. So to his death he suffered knowing they did not grasp it but the seeds were here and thought would evolve. Why are people stuck. He said one would come after him. So start being. See ya around hope you enjoyed it or at least respected my opinion. Back to The Misfit Crypt and putting these same theories into explosive poetry. Nice blog! Want me to write something let me know…Later!

    • Oh most definitely I love hearing what you guys think about these topics! It never ceases to amaze me the expansive thoughts that come from the mind being prodded. Thank you for the read for sure!

      As for the writing piece, if you are interested I am indeed bringing more people on to do writing about specific topics, shoot me an email and we can discuss more!

  4. The thing that gets me about science is it doesn’t account for the possibility that creation never existed…what if the universe has always and will always exist? What if in fact there is simply a point beyond which nothing can be seen? Different dimensions, different realms? Can the human mind truly comprehend the infinite?

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