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The controversy of religion is something that is brought up very often.

Since there are numerous religions in the world, it is almost inevitable that there are many religious individuals. But the thing is, there have been many conflicts due to religion alone. Many of the major wars throughout history have been caused by differences in religious beliefs. People have been killed, murdered, and taken hostage due to this topic. The controversy of religion is a bit more gruesome than you might think.

I want to go a little deeper and ask some serious questions in which you can see, is religion worth it?

Historical Influence.

Religion in history goes back much further than the bible, or quran, or any religious manuscripts may say. Thousands of years before jesus people would worship many gods, not just one specific one. The thing is, a type of religion has been around since the modern man has. Back in those times, however, they did not specifically worship a being; they worshiped the elements, the gods of each fundamental element. Those, as they believed, would bring them good fortune or a specific event would happen.

But the big question is: Why are people religious?

The answer lies in the mind, some people have to look to something higher in order to understand life. People tend to forget that the mind is essentially created this need to look to something higher. Questions like, what happens when we die, heaven/hell, the creation of man, the universe etc. What I find is that, usually the unknown leads to people being religious. The issue is just that, instead of finding the real answer, they have to associate it with a higher being that is all knowing, all creating etc. In some instances it gives people hope in life, and direction. But the problem is that it can be misleading, and forgetting that the mind is extremely amazing. Everything that is god-like our mind is capable of.

Rounding it off is: what impact do people being religious have on the world? Unfortunately contrary to what many people think, religion is the main cause of turmoil now, and in history. If you think about the Crusades in Europe, conflict in the Middle East, even colonization of the western world, all involve cases where people are brutally killed because of religion. Some might say it was gods will, murder is not acceptable in any way that you look at it. Convert or die that is essentially the concept.

The issue is, those people are much more blind than those who do not believe.

Regardless of what we do there will always be controversy of religion, the biggest thing to do is just be aware of everything else. Not just this one topic.


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  1. Trouble is, you are forgetting that religions have also produced beauty, art, poetry, writing, science, progress, inspiration and moral codes. And some, have explored the territories of the mind into it’s vaster state – the areas of consciousness. Religions have had their place in our evolution and it hasn’t ALL been bad!

  2. I would say it is those who try to enforce their religion on others who cause the problems. Horror and violence are not endemic to religion itself, but to those who “practice” religion as though they’re in a fraternity, and need to force someone else to eat goldfish in order to confirm that their religion is the “right one.” God has nothing to do with any of it.
    Lost to think about on this post.

  3. Hi – Just wanted to say that the facts are that approx 7% of war deaths can be attributed to religious wars. That is based on a comprehensive study of all the wars listed in the Encyclopedia of Wars.

  4. That is why I am an antitheist. All religion is a product of human imagination and a cause of great division and violence. The intolerance, arrogance and bigotry of believers is responsible for much ignorance and war.

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