Dreams and our Mind | How do they relate

Dreams are a very unknown topic. They are something that we overlook, and sometimes miss the significance of us having a dream or a nightmare. The mind is always working, even when we are sleeping, dreams prove this. Very few have attempted to fully try and understand dreams; there are many theories on what a certain dream may mean. I want to talk and provoke a bit of thought on a few aspects of them.
Something to start the thought, is why do we have dreams? Well, since our minds are working 24/7 we do tend to be thinking of things subconsciously. This leads to much of the conscious thought being had during the day, and when we are asleep, the subconscious thought takes over. One of the things that may cause them, are some sort of stress, or a lingering thought throughout the day that you have had. I feel that a big reason is stress. Since the majority of the population is experiencing some sort of stress that could cause these. Our subconscious is working even during the day, and if something may not seem like that big of a deal, it may literally haunt you while you sleep.

It could also be our brain telling us something. At times we seem to literally create a new world and new scenarios during our dreams. The little factors may each have a different meaning. The key to unlocking the full meaning is still to be found, however, if we can recall these, and write down our dreams, there is a better chance to understand. Sometimes we may even feel that our dream is a warning of something to come. Naturally we do have instincts, so this could be a way that we can realize what is going on with them.Creativity and Dreams

Another thing that can tie into dreams in my opinion is Deja Vu. This is simply coming in contact with a scenario in which you feel like you have already been in that exact one. This may come with a subconscious dream that you may have had, or just intuition. But Deja Vu is real for certain. Have you ever had a time where you went somewhere, and you already know each exact thing that is happening at that moment? Then that is Deja Vu.

One thing to take from this is a bit of a thought on what dream you have may mean. Try and remember each detail, and write them down. This can contribute to the entire field being better understood. It is one of those things where you just need to open your mind, and let flow. Everything has meaning in dreams, that meaning is for you to decide.


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