Space: The Last Frontier?

Space is a very interesting topic to talk with people about. But the thing is, it is very foreign to think about in a logical sense (More of an open-minded sense). Space in fact we know much more about than even our own Earth. More people are inclined to explore the cosmos rather than the ocean floors, rain forest, and other far reaches of the planet.

Space however seems like a divine type thought. It is this huge unknown world in which the normal population will not see. Space is left to entertainment purposes, hence the huge Science-Fiction genre. But what is space really about? That is a question in which many researchers are constantly trying to discover, and often spend their lives doing so.

Ever since the days of Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo etc.; people have been fascinated by the cosmos. If you really think about it we owe this curiosity to the amazing human mind (That is another topic in its own). Humankind stands in a interesting predicament when you think about it. There are approximately 7 Billion people on Earth. Earth is 1 of 9 Planets in our Solar System (Pluto is always up for debate). The Sun is yet 1 of Billions of other stars just like it in our universe alone. The Milky Way is 1 of Billions of other galaxies in the Universe; which is ever expanding. That hopefully should put our significance in perspective.

The debate will always be: Is there Life in space besides Humans? Logically the answer would clearly be yes, how couldn’t there? I believe that in a Universe that is so vast, there is bound to be more than just one chance of having the perfect Life-Sustaining circumstances. Another thing to think about is how Humans have evolved over the millennium. If evolution over time has made this much of an impact on Human-Kind I’m certain that the same could have happened with “Aliens”.

Trying to put it all in perspective is why we have the ability to think. Space is vast, yet so are our oceans. The ability for us to be able to question things is why we continue to grow as Humans. Stop and think about it, we are certainly not alone.

“The Space Between Your Thoughts, Is the Window to the Cosmic Mind” – Deepak Chopra

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