The Opening of Our Eyes | Living in a Documented World

We are living in a world in which everything is documented.

This word where we find ourselves falling in line with everyone else around us. So rarely we will acknowledge the success of our peers, let alone ourselves. Where we can find anything and everything documented on the Internet, we oftentimes lose sight of the true meaning.

Why is this?

It is just easier. At that moment we are comparing ourselves to whomever it might be. Where we are often taking time out to compare our lives to everyone else’s that we see documented. We don’t want to see those around us having success over ours right? Well, we have been conditioned as humans to not want that for anyone but ourselves.

Step out of line,

Be someone that your neighbor isn’t. Be yourself!

Remember that you are unique, you are the 1 in 8 Billion in this world. Make life count, and continue getting smarter, stronger, better at everything that life throws at you. With that you have to make the best of your time…

We are running through time, failing to realize that success isn’t just money. It is time. Time that we are wasting in so many different areas which don’t require our time. Standing here and thinking that X is better than Y, or He is Smarter or better looking than me. No. It is time that we start getting back into the groove. Bettering ourselves each and every day, and not taking advantage of the little time that we have to offer.


Create your Own Path.

Travelling back to the roots of what The Evolutionary Mind is. Free, Outstpoken, and Raw.

I’m pushing to revive what I originally wanted to do for this Blog, and that is to create thought provoking content that all of YOU, my readers, can take something away from.

Where it is been a while; I don’t want to stray away.

Yes, there will be more about success and tons about motivation and inspiration. But I am going to start doing this again for ME.

Creating content is one of the best things in this world, especially as I said, we are living in a Documented World where everything that you write about, post, publish, is visible to so many different people. What I want to do is not only be able to document, but to inspire, motivate, and create thinking.

Realizing that we don’t have a ton of time, is the start, I found that out. Now I’m going to take you along through this journey again. From the Weekly Newsletter, to the Motivational Minute YouTube Series that I will be putting on the channel. There are so many huge plans for The Evolutionary Mind and The Adventures of a Car Dad (My New Blog).

We are taking a journey back to why most of you read this Content!

The Evolutionary Mind is Back.

And I have the Thoughts that you don’t want to think.

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