Does the Education System need Reform?

No matter where you are in the world, we can all agree that the education system always has flaws. In the US there are major questions to be asked when it comes to education. We can sit here and say, without hesitating, that if you don’t go to college, you won’t have a good job. Which rises so many questions which we will discuss today. Among those are, literally going to college, debt sentences, and societies view on education.

Going to college for most of us in the US is a big thing. We are trying to further our education and get that wonderful piece of paper saying we have proof that we know things. Yes, college has benefits. But what I cannot sit here and justify is why do we have to go to college to even get a job. The majority of people who graduate from college with a degree, don’t get a different job than their current one. In fact, of the unemployed 40% of them belong to the millennial generation. But why is that? With recent college graduates having such trouble finding jobs, they are still burdened with a crazy amount of debt.

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Debt is something huge to talk about in education. If you think about it, in order to get that higher paying job, you have to have a 4 year degree. With tuition on the rise, you are looking at shelling out at least $40,000 in order to have that piece of paper. When you are thinking about your average part time job, or job in general, you make much less than that per year. Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who end up being lucky, but even getting loans and grants are a struggle in today’s schooling system. In the end, we are looking at being in debt and jobless. You would think the statistics would give the powers that be a real idea of what needs to be changed.

Society in general has been seasoned to think that if you don’t go to college or get an education you cannot make it in life. Well, that statement in itself is so wrong its ridiculous. Yes, there will be benefits to getting higher education, but in the end who does it really benefit? We are putting ourselves through all of this time and effort, and ending up jobless and in debt up to our eyes. Some of the most successful people dropped out of college in order to pursue their dreams and their vision. By all means I’m not saying drop everything and do the same, but personally there are so many things that we can accomplish when we focus our efforts.

In the end, the question is “Does the education system need reform?” Personally something has to change. But in the end, I will say, you have to always make sure you do the best for you. Stay true to yourself, and everything else will happen. There  will always be questions to be answered, but in the end, your view is what will change the world.

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Dustin Meyer

Free thinking, somewhat radical, and very passionate. Take a trip through the mind of the creator and dreamer behind The Evolutionary Mind.


  1. Education needs reforming by a team of educationalists who know what needs doing for the wellbeing of students. It should never be used as a political football. There is far too much political interference and ridiculous bureaucracy and ideology.

    • Most definitely. The issue is everything is becoming a political issue rather than something that people as a whole are trying to fix

  2. It definitely does – there is so much we could teach children to enhance their lives and expand their horizons. They are like sponges and yet we fail to fill them with the life water they need.. Great post! x

  3. You’re right Dustin – it really is and it seems so obvious I can’t help but wonder why on earth politicians don’t see it… Makes you wonder if they’re keeping us in our ‘rat trap’.. x

    • This country especially is all about keeping the population where “they” want us. Sucks, but it is indeed the reality that we face.

  4. I agree that the education system needs reform. In fact, my doctorate thesis is based on alternative ways of teaching and learning – honoring the whole person in the educational process. However, the question isn’t whether the system should change – anyone will tell you that it needs change. The question is more like, “Why doesn’t reform-based education stick when we DO make changes?” If you look at the history of education (see “The Flat World and Education” by Linda Darling-Hammond – an excellent read on this subject), you will find that education has undergone a series of (sometimes radical) reforms since the start of the little teacher in the one-room schoolhouse. Yet, we continue to utilize and endorse a system that was put in place over 50 years ago – a system which produces factory workers, and not innovators.

    Although I can list many, many reasons for why reform measures do not stick, the two main issues are this: society and politics. One has to remember that the classroom is (whether we like it or not) situated at the center of a web. Surrounding a teacher’s classroom are the kids, the parents, the administration, the state, and then the nation. When a teacher attempts to reform their class, they must “convince” everyone entangled within this web that this is a good thing. However, the issue is that everyone (and I do mean everyone) has an idea of what should change, but very few are able to understand the teaching practices that are needed TO create this change. For example, if I asked most people to close their eyes and envision a perfect classroom, most would see a teacher lecturing at the front, in front of a classroom of attentive pupils, taking notes from what she has said, without any disruptions.

    Yet, theory-based ways on how we best learn are completely counter to this instructor-student hierarchy. If I ask individual people how they best LEARN information, most individuals would probably list “hands on” and “talking one-on-one” as among their top learning strategies – NOT listening to someone in front of the classroom while you take notes. With that in mind, wouldn’t the ideal classroom then be one where students did most of the doing and talking, while the teacher monitors? Imagine what this would look like – more like a Starbucks cafe as opposed to the silent-as-a-mouse library, right? Yet, how often do we see that? What’s more, how many teachers even know how to create a creative atmosphere like a Starbucks? Good heavens, we’ve only just progressed to allowing students to eat and drink in the class without yelling at them for it! (I remember sneaking broken pieces of granola bars in my pocket because I’d get so hungry).

    So, it’s not that we need to change education. Everyone can agree on that. The issue is, WHAT does this education reform look like? How do we penetrate and convince everyone involved in the web of education (and society) that education reform is taught very differently from traditional classrooms – and that to design a structure that sticks means that we need to understand that this takes on a completely different mindframe – from teacher/student dichotomies toward more of a learning community collaborative.

    If you are interested in reading more on this, I highly suggest “Framing Constructivism in Practice as the Negotiation of Dilemmas: An Analysis of the Conceptual, Pedagogical, Cultural, and Political Challenges Facing Teachers” by Mark Winschitl. A VERY good read.

    • I definitely appreciate your feedback and input!

      Thank you for reading, the education system definitely is a mystery in how we can actually bring reformation.

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