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Don’t Settle

Every day I see people who are settling for something. A job. A relationship. Friends who treat them poorly. Underachieving athletically or academically. What’s sad is, almost everyone in a settling situation could do better. Some of them even know they could do better, they just won’t put in the effort it would take to reach something better.

I’ve found that there’s a lot of inertia in life. People who are on a roll tend to keep going, while people who are stuck tend to just settle in where they are. The difference is that, unlike physics, there isn’t a real force keeping you from moving. Yes, sometimes there are real circumstance-based things that hold you back. But the biggest obstacle is always your mind – and if your mind is on your side, you can truly do anything. With that don’t settle with just the normal.

So don’t settle. Get out of that rut, away from people who treat you poorly or don’t push you to be better. Get out of relationships that don’t fulfill you. Everything you want in life is out there, and there’s only two things you need – the will to get out of the bad situation, and the will to keep going until you get what you want.

Will Power

It really does all come down to willpower. Ask any number of great achievers, like Bill Gates, who dropped out of college. Or Margaret Hamilton, the woman who wrote computer code for the Apollo missions. Few people are handed a great situation. You have to work for it, even when the deck is stacked against you.

If you want to stop settling, start today. Work towards that raise, stand up for yourself in your relationship, or hit the gym. Start working on what you deserve instead of just taking whatever is handed to you. The only thing holding you back, is you.

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Dustin Meyer

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It was simple, yet so much was packed into it. I firmly believe in the power of the mind in that we actually control our circumstances and that if we believe we can do something, we have already won and all that’s left is to go out there and get it. Thank you for this, you’re great. Peace and love to you.

    • Thank you very much sir!

      It’s definitely awesome to find like minded people. The whole point of what I’ve been doing is to put a lot of content in a little space. Its great seeing someone catch on to that!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. By human nature I should be stomping my feet and stating categorically that I disagree as I am one of the stuck gang. I do agree with you though, very much so.
    Being stuck actually depresses me so much but circumstance ( excuses) keep me temporarily stuck. Duty and responsibility to keep a family of 4 children, myself and my husband with a high needs child, whilst Home Educating, keep me stuck. I have chosen to stay temporarily stuck to improve my child’s chances in life.
    Some would argue I am not stuck as I am educating myself, gaining experience and am very conscious of improvement both academically, spiritually and financially but for now, I’m not achieving some of my better goals. That sometimes places me in a low mood as I want to achieve better. However, what I will say that could benefit from being covered here is that some of us get stuck because our energy expenditure leaves no energy for self improvement.
    Thank you for an interesting post.

  3. This was a very content rich post…loved the positive energy & vibe. Excellent read 🙂

  4. Thanks Ryan for a nice positive post 😀 I enjoyed it all up to this sentence “Start working on what you deserve instead of just taking whatever is handed to you.” I guess i know where you were coming from when you used the word “deserve”. But to play the devil’s advocate, I think deservedness is a very vague concept, and it triggers entitlement. If I deserve something, it means I have already earned it and I should have it with no further actions. So I guess the word “deserve” tells me to go the opposite direction from what you are trying to express. As a society, I think we talk way too much about what we deserve instead of what we want, what we desire, what we value.

    I like what you said about will power. But where does one go to get will power? How does one obtain it? How does one maintain it?

    • I appreciate your thoughts! And to answer your question, I think willpower is like a muscle – you have to exercise it to make it grow.

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