Escaping A Life of Routine

Escaping Routine

During my time in Ireland in 2016, I met numerous people who changed my view on life. One of the interesting people I met was a young woman around the same age as myself. We got to know one another we really got along very well. She was in Ireland at the time to learn English and she happened to stay in the hostel I had booked into.

She is from Brazil and she told me about her time in school. We spoke about many things and the conversation drifted towards existential topics. We spoke about life and our dreams. She told me about her dreams to become a photographer. She told me about her plans to study and then she said something that really hit me; sometimes we must live a routine life in order to life a non-routine life later on.

This simple statement was very clear through her broken English!

Non-routine Life

To live a non-routine life would be a dream! I would love to live abroad and to see the world. I would travel and never stop, trying new things and live a very different life. This Brazilian woman’s statement seemed to break through all of my doubts and to expose my true desire.

We were on our way to buy some groceries and I just stopped. I stopped and stared at her, amazed by her sudden wisdom. She seemed to be unaware of the insightful statement but smiled and we walked on.

I have thought her words a lot since that trip and I am draw strength from them regularly.

My greatest desires is to break through my life of routine but as a wise Brazilian woman once said, sometimes we must live a routine life in order to life a non-routine life later on.




Dustin Meyer

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  1. Love this and it so resonates with my “living a non routine life now” there are challenges in that too though ….. life is a challenge, that’s how you know you’re alive 😉 love your articles

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