Exercise for Your Mind, Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is something that has such a huge health benefit. The things that exercise does for us, by far outweigh the cons that come with the territory (Being sore, time, etc.). The big question is, what effect does exercising have on our minds? Exercise for your mind, not just your body. But what types of exercises are the best to do in order to completely detach and relieve stress?

Our minds are very complex as we all know, the thing is, we have to exercise them just the same as we do our bodies. When we exercise, our body releases various chemicals called endorphin’s that give us that euphoric feeling, and puts us in an amazing mood. Consistently working out has a huge number of health benefits, lower cholesterol, reducing risks for heart disease among the normal list of things you can improve. The biggest thing that I will emphasize is the fact that when you exercise, you feel better about yourself (See Where does Self Motivation Start).

What Exercises are for Mindfulness?

Exercise helps promote a healthy mind and body. You have to make sure you take care of them, since we are only given one body and one mind. Stress relief is a huge benefit of exercise as well as just plain feeling better about yourself. The thing is which exercises will have the biggest benefit for you? That questions lies in you, some people might like more high intensity workouts, others might like much lower intensity ie. Yoga.

The one thing that for sure exercises your mind more than anything is actually reading and learning. To promote a healthy mind, we have to keep it sharp, and how do we do that? By learning, and expanding our thought process.

Meditation is another way of really detaching and centering yourself (See Tips for a Mindful Life today). When you meditate, you literally are focusing on your breathing while calming your mind. Meditation comes in quite a few different ways, when you exercise you can meditate.

It doesn’t have to be the stereotypical meditation that you might think, you can even do it while running and even reading. Everything when it comes to exercising and your mind, definitely deals with psychology. We are our own worst enemy, and definitely can be our own best friend. That is the decision that you have to make, do you want to be on your side?

Exercise for your Mind, not just your Body

Everything is all about how you want your body and mind to work in harmony. Exercise is one of those things which is overlooked, but it is necessary in order to fully build and take care of both your mind and body. Our minds need to be worked out and so does our body, like I said, we are only given one of each. We have to take care of them.



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