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Fear and Terrorism.

The world that we live in is one which is filled with too many instances of fear. If you watch TV or read any type of publication, you will always find something about mass murders, acts of terror, or senseless acts which degrade the human race. Recently there was another mass shooting in Orlando, FL (My hometown) which has been deemed by many news outlets to be the worst mass shooting in US history. For something like this to hit very close to home, it puts some questions out there.

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Essentially terrorism is a driving factor of fear. With the recent events happening in the middle east and acts of terror around the world, the enemy to most is ISIS (The Islamic State). Unfortunately this has made it apparent that if you are of Muslim decent, or any other culture, you have been under so much unnecessary scrutiny. Not to say that having a group of extremists who happen to be of a certain decent isn’t something to be aware of, but a entire group of people? That does not make much sense. Terrorism is becoming more common, and like this event which happened in my city, it brings things into a real perspective. Now, having any type of fear which hinders you going out and living your life normally, that is a bit extreme, but in this world, we are having to be aware that these random attacks are normal.

It does not matter what country, nationality, or background you come from, at some point in recent history, you have been affected by terrorism in some aspect. If you are from the US, you should be aware of the common nature of things like this over the last two years. Everywhere else in the world might have it much worse, with civil wars, and even war on your home ground. The big picture is to try and understand why. Fear and Terrorism is what makes us as a human race, really lose our humanity.

We are one people, one race, the human race. If we do not stand together and make a change, things like this will be more common, and things of your fears will become reality. Nothing in history has ever been accomplished without a group of people coming together and having that same vision, without that, we are just an individual with a dream. Dreams can become reality with dedication, but fears will also become reality if nothing is done. Terrorism is something that must stop, we must stand together and do something. Rather than looking to the media outlets for false information and things to sway our opinions, we have to look ourselves.

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Always remember, we have the power to do anything. Fear is something that we create and we are taught, terrorism is something that can be stopped. Like everything in life, it takes a vision and a unity among others to create a world which is worth living.

Thank you for reading, I definitely look forward to hearing what you guys think.

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