Personal Field of Influence (3 Min Read)

Personal Field of Influence

We each have an innate ability to move through this world and recognize the unique pathways of energy each of us creates on our path through space and time. It takes practice, but anyone can do it. When someone physically passes through another’s “personal field of influence“, we unconsciously choose the type of energy to attach to them. That energy then passes through all the human and non-human energy upon this planet as it continues its endless journey through space. Every thought influences all aspects of every human being living in this universe – in equal measure.

Seeing Goodness

While encouraging your heart and eyes to see the secret beauty and power of influence within all individuals, a bright blessing type of energy is created that refreshes and inspires all humankind. Einstein actually called this type of process “expanding the circle of affection.”

Sending blessings to others blesses us all. Likewise, sending anger to others will send anger to us all. Nelson Mandela once said, “It never hurts to see the beauty in someone. They often act the better for it.” By seeing the secret original innocence, dignity and beauty within ourselves we more readily see it in others. Reflect on a day when you felt completely in love with the world, your day, maybe even yourself.  Think about the day you actually fell in love.  Both are examples of a “personal field of influence“.

Doing Goodness

John Kornfield once shared a true story about a teacher somewhere in the mid-west.  A classroom became rambunctious as the children lost their focus just before a major holiday. The teacher stopped the class and began to write the names of each student on the blackboard.  She told the children to write each name down on a piece of paper. Their assignment was to write one thing they admired about each classmate next to their name. When the children completed their task, they handed their paper in.

It was years later when the powerful healing lesson behind the teachers assignment was revealed. One student had enlisted in the military after graduation and sadly was killed in the line of duty.  His parents eventually contacted the teacher to share an amazing story. A well-worn folded piece of paper had been found in his wallet that contained the list of the things the other students admired about him – each having been carefully cut out by the teacher and pasted onto the paper with his name. Thirty-one to be exact. The number of students in his class on that rambunctious, pre-holiday school day many years prior.

So, while you are sitting at a stoplight, waiting for a train, standing on a mountain top, or waiting for your cell phone to turn on, send some blessings out to someone or everyone. They will circle back to all of us.  After all, we are all connected.

George Leonard wrote . . . 

At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, a complex of wave forms and resonances, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything in the Universe.

Enjoy the day.


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