Motivating Yourself: Finding that Sweet Spot

Motivation definitely is hard, especially motivating yourself.

There always is going to be a way to motivate yourself, but stay somewhat sane at the same time. With that, I have 3 things that you can work on today in order to find that sweet spot with motivating yourself moving forward.

Things are hard, never easy.

This is definitely without saying, but many of us forget that we have to go through many hard things before we get to where we want to be. Motivation isn’t easy, so why should life be? All of the hurdles will be taken in stride, and no matter what keep moving forward.

You have this, it’ll be hard, but in time things will start to become easier.

Don’t expect any Hand Outs.

In life there aren’t going to be anything just given to you. You have to go out and make things happen yourself. Without that you will never get to where you need. Hand outs don’t determine success (Unless you were given a small loan of a million dollars 😉 )

But you get what you up into everything. Once you figure out a plan of action, you will always be able to make things happen. Goal setting is the key, but understanding how you define success is also another huge key. Hand outs don’t happen in the real world, you could always sit back and wait for that to happen in your life, but you won’t get anywhere.

Make your own luck, and keep moving forward.

Never Give Up

This has to be the hardest thing to do when you are trying to motivate is to not lose hope. We go through so many different things that giving up is almost second nature. But this is the biggest no no you could do for yourself. Never give up, and you will find that being motivated isn’t as hard as you might think. What is awesome is that by not giving up, you get closer to your success.

I always want to ensure that I can help as many of you guys as possible. One huge thing to keep in mind is that without putting in the work, the things you want in life won’t happen. Motivation will always be hard, but in time you will find that you can do anything, especially with a bit of practice.



Dustin Meyer

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