Gain Respect Today, Not another How To

Gain Respect

Respect is something many people have lost. The thing that many don’t know how to do is gain respect. In turn so many people don’t respect themselves or others. But why? Since it is such a vital thing in this world, why would it be lost? Society has a very interesting way of manipulating people in order to become less of an individual. We have to figure out who we are, and live life respecting what is to come.

In order to actually gain respect there are a few things you have to apply today.

The biggest thing is having that understanding. Whether it is in the workplace, public, private, or at home with your family respect is a huge thing you have to develop. Even if you think about machines (cars, bikes, boats, etc.) you have to learn to respect them. Having that mutual understanding with the other is what it really takes. If you show the respect that you are wanting to receive then you will receive it back to you.

Establishing the grounds of what respect should be will not only give you an upper hand, but also the respect you seek. This whole topic is based on individuality, each person is going to be different. You have to figure that out before you can approach the person, object, or thing the correct way. Everything starts in your head, you have to get to the point where you have the confidence, then from there, everything else will follow.

What you have to keep in mind, that you get what you give per say. If you go into any type of relationship with another individual, you have to give what you would want to receive, this goes for personal and professional relationships. If you want to be respected, you will have to give the amount you wish to receive.

What’re your thoughts on respect?



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  1. Great post! Totally agree, respect is something that should be mutual. When we do our best to treat anyone with a level of dignity and value not only their works but their thoughts, ideals and character as a person, only then can we work towards giving and earning mutual, real respect.

    Good stuff enjoyed the read!

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