How to Get Yourself Back Into Writing

How to Get Yourself Back to Writing!

I think the best advice for writers is to carve out a section of time every day that they will commit to writing. If you’re not writing, then you’re skipping work. Have you not shown up for your business of writing when you should have? There are plenty of things that can get in the way of your craft, but the one thing you must do every day as a writer is write, PERIOD.

If you are feeling uninspired or timid at thought of getting started, you can use the following techniques to get some words, any words, down on paper… or into your computer. These ideas work for me when I’m really not wanting or feeling capable of getting the words out. They are my tried and true methods of getting back to the business of writing.

Where to Write

Before you even get started, you need to pick a place that suits you. Be it your most comfortable chair or the front porch, choose a place that you will return to at least once a day to work on your craft. Picking the right spot will aid your writing, but failing to do so will only keep you procrastinating. If your office isn’t built yet, then pick somewhere else to write until it is. The inability to make a decision and take action will only keep you in the same situation you’re in.

Create a Schedule

Make the time to write! Put aside, at the very least, thirty minutes of your time that you will use to focus on honing your skills or producing your next book.

You can’t keep making excuses why you cannot write if you’re that sort of person, which you don’t have to be. In order to be successful at your craft, you must practice it religiously. It is your job to set aside this time each day that you will devote to writing something, anything.

Get out your pencil and your calendar and sit down and think about what would be the best time of day for you to commit to the task of writing, and then reserve it. Usually, the best time would be in the morning before you get ready for work, on your lunch break, or before you go to bed. The reasons why these times are typically the best are because they are when you can most likely find some alone time. If you have to start getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later, then so be it, that is your lot-in-life if you hope to be productive and successful as a writer.

Make it clear to those you live with that this is your private time and you are not to be interrupted. This is an acceptable boundary that should be respected without any problems. They can live without the stereo or TV for thirty minutes to an hour and find something to do that won’t interfere with your session.

Show Up

Here you are, it’s 4:30 in the morning and you’ve managed to get your weary ass out of bed, cobwebs in your eyes, and your writing utensils are at the ready! Good job! Great in fact! Here you are, you’ve accomplished the hardest part, showing up!

Showing up every day is what it takes to improve your style and flow. It only takes 21 days to create a habit, so if you can show up for your writing every day for three weeks, you will have created a successful writing habit.

What to Write

Here can be the tricky part. The first day you begin your writing journey, you can start out by writing down your ideas for what to write about tomorrow. This is an initial key to success that creates a domino effect with your writing schedule. By planning a day ahead, you always ensure that you have something to write about when you show up at your scheduled time to write. When you’re done writing, write down your plan for your next session.

The truth is you can write about anything, as long as your writing at your scheduled time. The more you show up, the easier it becomes. But do yourself a favor and stick to writing about the things that you’re passionate about, your passion will shine through in your delivery. Your writing will steadily improve, day by day, because you show up and write what you’re passionate about.

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  1. I love this!! Having this kind of drive and discipline doesn’t come as easy to some as it does others. I unfortunately write like I work out… I’ll do AWESOME for a whole year, and then slack off the next. (at least my ups and downs are in big time frames so that when I AM on a roll it pays off) but thanks for the tips! Next time I find myself slipping into laziness Ill have to remember the 21 day habit pointer! In fact, I’m writing it down now, so I can’t forget! 🙂

    • Hi Didi, thanks 🙂 Wow that must be rough on you during the down times huh. Your welcome for the tips, I find this is what works for me and I average between 1500 to 3000 words per day…taking a day off here or there. That 21 day habit trick really works, I learned that one when I got back into yoga, can’t remember exactly where I read it but it worked like a charm! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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