How To Get Yourself Prepared to Write

Can You Write Now

Not every writer has the ability to write on demand.

Some people experience writer’s block, a condition that can span for just moments to extended lengths of time, up to years.

This can really get in the way of building your platform, creating content, selling your product, or gaining credibility in your niche.

Getting yourself prepared to write before you start your sessions is a good idea.

How Being Unprepared Can Affect Your Writing

When you show up to write it’s important that you’re prepared for the task. Failing to meet certain standards can jeopardize your ability to create. It might result in you zoning in front of your keyboard, unable to come up with ideas or even knowing where to start.

What Counts:

Things like not getting the nutrients your body needs, not following a schedule, missing out on required sleep, or not preparing for your session ahead of time, will all have a negative impact on your ability to write.

When you don’t have a proper diet, eat too little or too much, eat too late or unhealthy, your body and your brain suffer. How can you be expected to show up and write your best work, or at all for that matter, if your body and brain are out of whack? This goes for your sleeping habits too. Not getting enough sleep, or over sleeping will affect your body and mind’s ability to function. Your creativity will suffer when you aren’t taking care of yourself properly. Not being physically prepared is a downside too, your mind’s focus will lose energy to your body that is struggling to operate at its necessary levels.

Following a schedule is important as well. You may lack the discipline to complete your tasks for the day because you have no preset time to work on them.  When you don’t prepare ahead of time you have no idea where to get started and can waste precious time or just get stuck and quit. Without a list of goals to follow, your ability to accomplish small goals is minimized. Without having a plan in place for your writing session you may be struck with writer’s block, or get distracted from the task and not write at all.

How to Prepare

You can’t force yourself to be creative when the time comes, but you can be sure that you’ve done your best to be in the right mindset. Sit down and take note of how you currently practice these should be habits. It will make it that much easier to see where you’re going wrong. There are simple changes you can make to improve not only your creativity but your quality of life.


If you follow a proper diet, then you’re one in a million. Few of us take the necessary steps to eat right or eat at the right times of the day. Believe it or not, there’s a solution for all of us. A good diet really should consist of getting all your vitamins, not under or over eating, eating on a regular schedule, and drinking good amounts of water. Don’t gorge yourself before bed and refrain from eating lots of junk food.  Don’t skip meals for any reason, you want to be putting in the nutrients to keep yourself functioning at your best.


Getting the right amount of rest is necessary to feed your creativity. Your mind will function at a higher level when it’s had a proper sleep. You might only require five hours and others may require the full recommended eight, but whatever it is, make sure you’re getting enough and that you do so regularly. This will keep you refreshed and alert and ready to do your best work.


Getting your body in better condition to meet your new goals is easy to do too. When you’re in shape and feeling limber, your body settles into a comfort zone and your energy reserves are made available to your mind. Adding simple things to your daily routine like stretching and meditating will feed your body and brain, improve your focus, and turn you into a creative machine.


Humans require a degree of discipline to be successful in their endeavors, and that’s a fact. You can’t expect to fast track success or even create a short piece of content if you don’t have the discipline to put certain actions into motion. The best way to find and practice discipline is by creating a schedule and sticking to it. This can be done. It only takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days of practicing that habit to lock it in it for life. Don’t sell yourself short when it comes to implementing change in your life.


Pre-planning for your writing sessions gives you the ability to get more done in a shorter amount of time. You know what you need or want to accomplish and there’s no running into creative blocks. Take the time to jot down some notes the day before your session so you have the focus when the time comes to accomplish the goals you’d like to accomplish.

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Implementing a Plan

No-one is perfect so not the same strategy will work for everyone. Some of us face constant interruptions or have day jobs with rotating schedules. And family life will always need consideration before implementing a plan that is right for you. But stability in this area is possible. It doesn’t take much to get yourself into a groove that will prepare you to show up for your writing ready to create.

It’s all about writing out what you want to accomplish, how you can go about it, and then splitting up the how to’s into a goal list in the form of a daily plan or schedule.


As long as you’re not lacking the resources to feed yourself, deciding to eat right can be accomplished without serious effort. If you look at food as a necessity rather than a luxury, your established eating patterns can be modified quickly. Plan your meals, throw simple meals together in advance. Make freezer meals to just thaw and cook to save on main meal prep time. Have your meals at specific times of day to get your body used to a regimen and operating at a maximum level.


You’ve got to have a start and stop time for your day, a period of rest for both your mind and body. Rest and recoup, take the time that’s necessary for you to wake refreshed. Go to bed when you should and get up earlier than you have to. Make those two things a rule and you’ll thank yourself for it.


When you’re in pain or uncomfortable and out of shape, your body isn’t running efficiently. To create the energy that you need to accomplish your goals, you need a certain degree of exercise. I know you’re cringing at the prospect of implementing a task that requires additional effort but by keeping it simple it will be easy and rewarding. Stretch your limbs before you start your day. Do some deep breathing exercises. These are easy plans that will keep you limber and your internal organs will love you for it. Take a walk after you eat, it will facilitate digestion and actually increase your energy. Not much more is required to stay relatively fit.


None of these things can be done to a satisfactory level without creating a schedule and following it. A schedule can also be looked at as a list of short term goals to be accomplished each day. Make a list of what you must accomplish and then organize it around the time you have available. Keep your goal list on a whiteboard where you can see it at all times. It will help to keep you on track and focused and plowing your way to success.


Brainstorm the day before at the end of your session while ideas are fresh at hand. This will set you up to show up prepared to create. You won’t get stumped or flounder wasting time you could be writing. Make lists, take notes. Write down your ideas for what you’d like to write about the next day and then sleep on it. Your brain will take your creativity to the next level while you sleep and get you geared up for your next writing session. You can also make out your schedule for the next day on your whiteboard. Then you can wake up knowing exactly what you want to accomplish.

The Benefits

Making these efforts will work to bring balance to your life, your health, and will feed your creativity.

Eating better and regularly will give you the fuel that your mind needs to do your best work. Rest gives your brain and body the chance to recoup. Getting the rest you need puts you in prime condition to accomplish your goals. By attending to your body and taking the few minutes a day to stay fit, you are completing the task of creating physical well-being and harmony. When your body is attuned, your brain comes alive, ideas and inspiration will flood your life.

Sticking to a schedule will create discipline and stability.  You will form good habits that will serve to get you to exactly where you want to be. Planning goes hand in hand with scheduling. Both will skyrocket your ability to show up and be creative. They will enable you to accomplish your goals more often and quickly. You’ll be amazed at how these simple changes to your routine will benefit and enrich your writing and your life.


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