Give Yourself a Voice

You know, life is pretty funny eh?

Something that has struck me as of lately, is the fact that so many people just take what they are told, and do nothing.

Regardless of your thoughts on people and the minds, we have to question everything.

The Journey of our Mind

Giving yourself a voice is something that kind of is silently killing us. Where it is seen as taboo to speak out, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Taboo to sit back and do nothing? Unfortunately this society that we live in isn’t in the favor of people wanting to speak out.

We do have a voice, but we are constantly silenced; why?

Overall the world has always had repercussions against those who don’t follow the path that is given to them. We have saw the start of countless wars, genocide, murder, and racism. Just for giving yourself a voice? Sounds a bit excessive right?

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That is why we have to question everything.

We cannot sit back and watch things happen and pretend that we are okay with it. Yes, we are given a false sense of authority when it comes to the media and government. But if someone came up to your right now, and said what you believe is wrong, would you just sit there and let them say that to your face? No, for one that is disrespectful, and two you have the right to have your opinion.

Now, why would you let a governing figure do that?

It is the same concept, just on a slightly larger scale. Similarly, what if you were told that everything you see in the media is a ploy to get you looking one way, while something else is happening in the opposite direction? Case and point, you can turn on CNN, Fox News, and Even the BBC and see that right now.

We are fed what they want to feed us. Unfortunately, for the masses it works, but don’t let it for yourself.

Question everything, give yourself and voice and don’t just settle. We were given our minds to actually use them and think; Not to sit back and think how we are told.

Humans have an advantage over other mammals, and that is indeed our brain. With reasoning, we can come to the conclusion that most of the stuff we are told is crap.

Think of this.

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