Giving your Children Freedom and a Forever Home

Giving Your Children Freedom

We see in our kids the chance of repaying our mistakes and guiding them better than we did ourselves. It’s a good thing as long as you limit yourself to teach them the results of your failures so they can take advantage of being able to mold them. Giving your children freedom just might be the best thing you can do for them, or is it?

However, when you start conditioning them and start forcing them to do what you would have wanted to, then you are tracing a dangerous line between motivation and guidance and your own traumas. They are not the opportunity for a second chance for you, they are a first chance for them. And there’s a huge difference between the two.

Of course you want to protect them and if you could, you would have them in a bubble so nothing can ever harm them, but sadly, in life you learn while failing, making mistakes, doubting yourself and just getting things wrong. They have the right of choosing their own way. It all goes on the line of giving your children freedom, and letting them be the little people that they are.

Teaching them how to be confident, to make the right decisions, bringing the tools and resources to help solve their problems. These are the best ways to keep them protected and still giving them the freedom they need to be curious and cautious at the same time, and to be able to live their live how they want.

They always have a Home to Come Back To

You just have to help them grow strong and deep roots, give them a warm and loving shelter, so that way they can never forget their way home. Being able to give them the home that they can always come back to, now that is really teaching and giving them something they will always remember.

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Mar Watercolor

My work and soul are focused on visceral effort.
On the hunger of something better.
The freedom of discipline.
The righteousness of honesty and humbleness.
The intense power of bowing down.
The abruptness of finding your way to a safe place.
The peace when you finally find it.

That’s why I work on motivation, inner inspiration and self-empowerment.

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