Global Warming, Issues and Misunderstandings

Global warming is definitely something that we all can agree is very mysterious.

With all of the controversy behind this concept, we are left to our own thoughts on how to perceive it. On one hand we have the common view of the majority of the world, and on the other we have the facts. Yes, global warming is definitely real, and yes it is accelerated by emissions of mankind. But the big idea here is why are there so many different ideas behind this?

We can all agree that even the topic is one which we try an avoid. But why?

We are all given this misconception on what is actually causing global warming. In fact, it is something that is a natural cycle of this planet (and others as well). If you think about it, Earth in general has gone through more than one cycle of global warming, and global cooling. Think of the ice age that we all know about.

The thing is, humans definitely have the impact, but it isn’t as severe as it is being made out to be.

Regardless, it is an issue which can be slowed, but it cannot be stopped. Remember when the big environmental issue was that the ozone was being depleted around Antarctica? Well yes it was, but now pictures are showing that it has been reconstructed through the natural cycle of the Earth. Polar ice is melting and temperatures are for the most part rising, but we cannot stop that.

Humans in general are a very minuscule portion of this world, yes there are 7 billion of us, but realistically Earth is huge.

The biggest thing that needs to be focused on is not that the ice is melting around the poles, but many of our fossil fuels are being used up at a huge rate. We have these factories around the world that don’t just pollute the air, but the water and the environment around us.

The next time we look at an issue like this, we have to consider the facts, not just what we see is on the news covering the topic.

Let me know what you guys think about this topic in the comments.



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  1. It’s so strange to think that we will never quite know whether we should stop global warming or how to fully accomplish that and no matter what happens, no-one will probably ever fully know what caused it and whose fault it was. Interesting post!

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