US Healthcare System Reformation | Are Health Costs too High?

The Healthcare System in the US is extremely flawed.

Whether or not we want to see this, is definitely a personal choice. Healthcare system reformation is definitely one of those things that always seems to be a hot topic in politics, yet in our personal life it isn’t thought of nearly as much. Lets think, lets try and justify some of the costs for healthcare at the current time.

  • Average Cost for “Riding” in an Ambulance: About $160 per mile
  • Average Cost of an Emergency Room Visit: $1,233
  • Cost of getting a Filling at a Dentist: Between $50 and $150 Per Tooth
  • Price of Over the Counter Anti-inflammatory medicine: $19.99

As you can see, there is a huge weight on getting professional care, and buying your own medicine, is dirt cheap. Which actually raises eyebrows, is it all just a business?

This brings up the question on who is really benefiting from the heavy costs of healthcare?

As we all know there are huge pharmaceutical companies that are controlling the majority of the medicine, but in the end, government is always hesitant to give any assistance. Even if you do receive medicare or medicaid, inflation is a huge killer of income in this country, we hardly can afford anything as a whole, let alone treatment. Benefits are far too low, and costs are far too high.

Do we Need Healthcare System Reformation?

Absolutely, as you can see the cost of getting medical treatment is extremely high. For Instance, take Canada, Free Healthcare. They have an overall healthier population, happiness is much higher and even with slightly higher taxes, things run smooth. This country has a huge problem actually looking around the world, and seeing what works. We are much too busy (government) with trying to fight battles which aren’t ours, among other things to see.

The idea of the healthcare system reformation is a hot topic, but cold at the same time. How does that make sense?

Everything is overall much more unstable than what we see when the TV is turned on to the news. Unfortunately, we are in a bit of a pickle. On one side, we have the overall well being of the majority of the population (middle and lower classes). The other, we have the cost for the government. As most of the world knows, the US is in debt up to our eyes. Regardless of any of the issues, for those governing bodies in charge, that is generally the first thing that is thought of.

Like many of the things in the world, there has to be a long term answer.

We Don’t want to just think about what is happening today, or even tomorrow. As a country, we have to figure out the best solution for any of the problems that we are facing. Should we have Free or reduced healthcare, yes, but with conditions. As a people, we have to see things from both sides. Ours and the Governments. It is also their job to do the same. We all know there are so many things that need a lot of care and attention, but in time hopefully things will actually start to improve.

A very controversial and frightening presidential election is upon us. As citizens we have to stick together and in the end, if we are strong, things start happening.



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  1. You hit the nail on the head about the pharmaceuticals being a major player in the mess… Another aspect I might add is the model itself is a symptom management model. The pharmaceuticals are not meant to restore proper healthy function as a whole, rather to manage individual symptoms. The healthcare crisis started long ago when we stopped eating real foods and turned to instant gratification… and medicines to erase our symptoms.

    We want to be able to eat our cake, drink our sodas and not feel any adverse effects. The day after my child came out of the ICU for DKA(diabetic keto-acidosis) and was diagnosed with diabetes, the doctors, nurses, health educators said “it’s ok to go ahead and eat cake, cookies even soda – we have insulin for that – there is no need to change eating habits” Those were their exact words… This is why we have a healthcare crisis – we are looking at ways to enable poor dietary and lifestyle habits :((

    In order to see a change it needs to be self care, applying the same principles of financial planning to our health. As long as we expect an organization to take care of us there will be a breakdown in the quality of care and cost of that care given.

    I am not sure how Canada’s healthcare can be called free – ummm they pay more taxes – that costs money, that isn’t free 🙂 Quite frankly I don’t want the healthcare our gov’t or Canadas gov’t has to offer so could I get out of paying taxes for that? Sadly that wouldn’t happen so I would be forced to pay for something I will never use. How about I force you to pay for my healthcare that isn’t the gov’t plan? It’s not free, rather it takes yet more money out of my budget to pay for someone else… Where if I had that money I could help far more people with that same “dollar” than what gov’t can do with it.

    One last tidbit.. .our gov’t was set up as a union for the purpose of defense and protection of individual rights. (such as my individual right to decide if I want insurance, which doc etc) It was not set up as a system to take care of society with social programs.

    But TOTALLY agree with ya the healthcare system is extremely flawed!!! 🙂 And YESSS too busy fighting battles which aren’t ours – PRECISELY!!!!

  2. There is a lot to digest here, and some quick research on DPE ( helped parse out some of what may be going on in the US Healthcare system. The US definitely has some alarming statistics relative to other industrialized nations. The use of prescription medication and specialized medicine is definitely a contributing factor to the cost, and unfortunately, our system disproportionately favors non minorities creating a healthcare crisis for millions of citizens not appropriately covered. The rise in chronic diseases and the cost to maintain health in these situations is also at issue. The ACA has helped in some areas to curb the rising cost of health care, and offer affordable care for more citizens, but more remains to be done. I do hear concern with going to a national health service, or a national health system, and I challenge that it is critical that we build a system that does not discriminate against minorities, and those unable to pay for the rising cost of healthcare. Germany’s system is based more on social responsibility and it cited as one of the most successful in the world as far as quality and cost.

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