How Change is Necessary

Change is necessary and a vital part of life. Without it,  we will not grow and develop as people. The thing is, so many people are afraid of change that they avoid it. In a short sense, there is good change and bad change. You can do it over time, which is definitely good change, or you can even do it all of the sudden and it still be good change. However, you have to determine which you have undergone, because if you are changing due to an outside circumstance, it is very unhealthy.

Over time change is going to be inevitable. Believe me, the way I think and carry myself now is by no means how I did even a year ago. Time and experiences will change you regardless of your outlook on change, but it just takes you being aware that change is actually good. We do so many things in order to stay ourselves, when changing might be the best option. They do say old habits die hard, but they don’t have to be that difficult. Everything that we do, or how we act has some sort of effect on us.

What you will find interesting is why so many people put change behind them, or even bash it. There are many people who have the same mentality that their parents and grandparents have had. Unfortunately that is one big problem with society, change isn’t universally accepted. But that is something that needs to change. Now, by no means am I saying something like this can happen overnight, but it can slowly. It just takes a few of you guys to actually see the benefits to change, in order for that overhaul to occur.

Many of us have seen the power that the idea of change can do (ie. The Obama administration in 2008) so why can’t an actual change occur. Don’t get me wrong, President Obama has done things which have truly helped our nation in many ways, unfortunately he gets way too much criticism due to ethnicity. But why? People just don’t understand the idea that change can have on all of us, we don’t need the same routine that we have had since the 1920s. This is the modern world, without change, we don’t have progress.

Which brings me back to the point of good change. There will always be those push backs which we cannot avoid, but in order for us to make a real change, we have to stand up and do it ourselves. Changes brings progress and progress gets things done.

Let me know what you think about how Change is Necessary? Or is too much change bad for society (and individuals)?

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  1. Change is inevitable indeed–and change in one’s individual life is essential for spiritual and intellectual growth.

    Yet when change in the world is only change for the worse, the end of the world has begun.

    I can think of no change in our world–and particularly in the United States–that is a change for the better. It has been this way since 2010. And the mass addiction to mobile devices and mass reliance on social media is the primary agent of this change for the worse. This Digital-Age technology has passed the point of more-good-than-harm–and even more-harm-than-good. Now this Digital-Age technology is doing our society in the United States no good at all–only harm. The only change in the United States today is change for the worse. And the only way to bring forth change for the better again is to pull the plug on the Digital Age–or persuade 350 million people to get rid of their mobile devices, and close their social media accounts.

    • You do have a point as far as technology taking over the minds of the population. However, the thing that I do disagree on is that it is only for the worse. Just think, even 10 years ago, having the ability to connect with people (Even as we are here) was much harder. Even through the WordPress platform alone, we meet people from all over the world, and connect and share. This aids in our humanity, as well as being more open to cultural standards. That I don’t find it being a change for the worse. Don’t get me wrong, there are bad things about tech and people in general, but in the big picture I feel that there are benefits as well as drawbacks.

      Thanks for the comment and the read!


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