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Don’t get me wrong, my fear of heights could have been so much worse. I could stand being up high, but if I felt unstable thats when the problems came. The thing is, I want to do so many things in my life that involve heights. Something crazy that I did essentially didn’t come on purpose. I went to do a Flyboard but ended up flying on an ultralight airplane.

I love doing the things that would be considered extreme or unorthodox don’t get me wrong, but I want to skydive definitely, yet I have issues with heights at times. Today I actually went and I can safely say, I’ve conquered that fear. An ultralight airplane is basically a hang glider with a motor and seats. So there isn’t much to it, you have a harness to strap in but its all open air and basically a frame. This one was called a Dragonfly (it is pretty awesome I won’t lie) and the pilot was a man who has been flying for over 40 years and himself designed the aircraft.

Sounds a bit sketchy right? Well I didn’t even think twice. After going expecting a mediocre day on the Flyboard (a Jet ski powered water jet board that you stand on) I had a moment where I felt clear. I’ve never in my adult life been in a plane, this was literally the first time that I can remember. Coming from a person who’s raced cars, dirt bikes, and been on boats, I’ve never went up. When we took off on this grass runway, we climbed higher and higher until we got to a certain point. It was around 1350 feet in the air on this little plane, where I lost the fear. I no longer felt that sense of being uneasy or that pit in my stomach.

Being piloted by a man who has flown thousands of miles on this plane, for so many years, I lost my fear of heights. It was funny because he actually was telling us a story of how he recently flew through the Himalaya’s in Nepal. So to him, going a mere 1300 feet in the air was nothing compared to the 14,000 he averaged on that trip. But the crazy thing is, at my peak height, when I looked down, or all around at the surounding landscape for miles and miles, there was no fear. Nothing that resembled the person who was terrified of going on the Eye at Orlando which is 300 ft in an enclosed capsle.

The crazy thing that I really got from the experience was the extreme mental clarity I had afterwards. I felt refreshed, more clear than I have been in a long time. When you have a mind that is running nonstop, and living a lifestyle that is always on the move, that clarity is few and far between. I haven’t had an experience like I had in a very long time, and even through this writing, nothing will ever be able to explain that feeling.

Having a day where a fear is put to rest, truly has shown me that fears can be destroyed. They are something that is embedded into our brains, I had a surreal experience flying in the sky, and my fear is gone forever.

With that I have to thank the Pilot for truly giving me something that will never be forgotten.

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  1. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you. I wanted to stop and tell you thank you for visiting my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support and look forward to reading your blog posts.


  2. I too have a fear of heights. My legs wobble when I am up there wherever it may be. But the last adventure I decided to join my family and to really enjoy so I plunged in the slides in one of the themepark here. For me just a matter of closing my eyes and jump in. 😉

  3. I like the way you overcame your fears. That’s true that some experiences are far beyond words 🙂
    The way you write conveyed how beautiful it was to release your fears while embracing the clouds 😉

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