Is the US Justice System Broken? | Racist Policing

Is the US Justice System Broken?

Well is the US Justice System Broken? Well, As we all know, there has been quite a few events happening over the last few months which are very questionable. At least when to comes to a morality sense. With events happening which involve officers of the law “murdering” innocent civilians, it raises eyebrows to what the justice system is doing. Well, you have to think about what is actually right, versus what you are seeing in the media and on the news. What is right, generally will fall under some legal boundary, where law enforcement will get the upper hand regardless of the case, simply because they “are the law”.

Current Issues with BLM

The important thing to keep in mind during a time of “Black lives matter”, “All lives matter” and all the other hearsay is segregation in the United States is something that just recently (1960s) ended. Whether the people who are doing the protests for equality and justice are ethically right for going about it the way they are is up for debate. However, people that are alive now lived during a time of segregation and strong racism. I definitely feel that racism is alive and strong, however it might not be where we are looking currently. Don’t get me wrong, the loss of life, regardless if it is “Innocent men of color at the hands of white officers” or police officers at the hands of a sniper during a rally is absolutely wrong.

Causes of Racism

What causes all of the ignorance behind racism? I feel its all a power trip, but if we don’t do something about it, we never will see the end of it. Around the world there is and always has been the segregation, inequality, and racism due to many outside factors. As a country, the United States is doing something very wrong. Regardless of what you see in the media, something has to change from the top down.

Yes, we have had our first president of color finish up his second term, but does that mean the country is any bit less racist? No. Like I said, you have these people who lived, and voted against the laws making segregation illegal (publicly at least). Those same people taught their kids and grand kids about all of the ignorant ways they were brought up. Having grown up in a household where I was taught nothing else matters but who you are as a person. Not skin color, not religious affiliation, political parties etc. I pride myself in being worldly.

Is the US Justice System Broken? Or Does it just have Flaws?

Answering the question, yes the United States judicial system is flawed, and very much so broken. The Country has a set of laws that are governed very loosely. Unfortunately, because of this, people are taking action from how they are manipulated to thinking from the media. Facts are something everyone has to look at.

The fact that a white officer shot and killed an unarmed black man shouldn’t be presented that way. The News is given to you and to us in a way that intends to manipulate us. The harsh reality is, a man with a badge shot and killed another man, and a man with a gun, shot and killed 5 men with badges. Humanity is being lost, the country is on the downward slope.

The US Justice system is broken and it needs a significant amount of help. Any way that you look at it there is a way to change it.

Something has to be done, it starts with one person and a vision, the world as we know it can change.

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