Is This the End of Society?

Something to talk about, is where has society gone? The world is a cruel place as a whole, we have countless wars, murders of other people, destroying the environment, and on and on. The thing is, society has a huge role in this and how it can be combated. However, as we all know, the driving force behind the “world leaders” is personal gain and money, not the greater good.

Stereotypes and Racism.

People have to band together, in retrospect there are no differences between people, just interpretations of what we were seasoned to believe. Religion is the big driving force behind that, whereas having that belief and hope helps many, yet leads to countless wars and even genocide. How is it that difficult to have an open mind nowadays? What is race? The big problem is why we place these stereotypes and judgments on certain people. Unfortunately along that line racism is very prominent, and that is a problem.

The Youth.

The youth of today have so many insecurities due to what they see in the world. There are so many beautiful young people who have issues due to social media and what they see on tv. The norm now is not what it used to be, although there always have been influences that have made people think a certain way. There is a whole new problem there, the youth who are supposed to be the future, are being fed crap. To me, that is a very bad look on the status of society.End of Society

Obesity and Fast Food.

Fast food and obesity (here in the US especially) is becoming a horrible issue. I’m sure most of you have seen the videos of McDonald’s food withstanding extreme elements (I can’t imagine what it does to your insides) that alone is an indicator of a problem. Obesity has been growing at an alarming rate, and with the price of fast food being so low and healthy/organic food being extremely high, that is a problem. You can buy a burger and fries plus a drink for $5 or less, where you have to spend the same for simply organic eggs. With fast food causing much of this problem, you have people who are much unhealthier, having to visit the doctors more, and spending more on healthcare. Being overweight is making more money for the big corporations/government.

What does it mean?

All of these things considered, our society is in a state of turmoil and there isn’t much we can do, unless we as people, as the human race decide it is time for a change. There is no politician or government that can do it, there are roughly 7 Billion people on this Earth, and of that number there is less than 1% who are in government. Not great odds, we have to do something for ourselves, it starts with one.

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  1. This post is just what I have been thinking the last year or so and you hit it just right! I posted something similiar on my instagram just weeks ago. Great post if we come together as one.

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