Reacting to Any Situation | Parenting Woes

Parenting Woe’s Might Happen Where we Don’t Expect.

When the weekend arrives, you just think “So it begins…”

Take a deep breath, silence your thoughts and get ready to not go crazy with all the mess that the week brings. I used to stress out when any situation got out of my control but, over these years I’ve learned to “ignore” these kind of thoughts.

When I start to become overwhelmed because of everything involved in a kids-weekend, I detect it and remove it from my mind. Right away. Because negative thoughts are addictive and they won’t stop once they get started. So, letting it consume you won’t solve anything, just let it go and enjoy the mess. This is one of the many parenting woes which we face everyday.

The Weekend Wonders

You’ll have time to get everything in order again. On Monday. Let them enjoy, let yourself enjoy. When you change you anger by a smile (maybe a bit weak or… insane) your good (or better) vibes will reach out them and the whole scene will change.

Sometimes, we take hold of strong emotions as when you need to prove you’re right, or when you feel it’s unfair you’re working so hard for no one to realize it, or just need to impose order or behavior. But, when you learn how to deal with yourself (you’re your own worst enemy!!) and get rid of the need of “proving” or “imposing”…. then you reach another level of happiness. Another sort of freedom, that comes right from your own mind, because the situation around hasn’t changed.

It all depends on your reaction to it. To them. To life. Take the stress out of those parenting woes.

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Mar Watercolor

My work and soul are focused on visceral effort.
On the hunger of something better.
The freedom of discipline.
The righteousness of honesty and humbleness.
The intense power of bowing down.
The abruptness of finding your way to a safe place.
The peace when you finally find it.

That’s why I work on motivation, inner inspiration and self-empowerment.

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