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Car culture is a beast upon its self. What many of us car people forget sometimes, is what really got everyone crazy about cars. Personally, it was a combination of two things: The Fast and the Furious, and Initial D. Even if they were both fiction, effectively they started something huge here in the US. Japan has always done something right when it has came to modified/modifying cars. If you look at it, all of the best parts manufacturers are based in Japan.

In Japan there are many more car people per capita than here in the States. Drifting, the sideways craze that is taking the US by storm, effectively started in the mountains of Japan. Something that is a true art in motion is a controlled chaos of a drift through a mountain road. Started as something more of a street racing type trend, has turned into one of the biggest Motorsports in the world. Many of the automotive trends in vehicle modification start in Japan. Styling, racing, eccentric modifications, you can assume started there.

The thing about Japanese car tuners, however, is that most of the time they are building their car for a reason. If they are into the drifting scene, their car will be put together for that, no matter what, they find a way to drift. The same thing with slamming the car, if they want to be lower than the next guy, they will find a way. Even things such as the craftsmanship of RWB and Rocket Bunny body kits, is just a small sample into the car scene there.

What is very interesting still, is that so many of these trends do come from Japan, and land in the US. However, “car people” mainly those who have muscle cars, and stand by their American Muscle, don’t see that the new thing they are doing to the car, didn’t come from the states. What I always find very humorous, are the number of people who claim they are car people, then the words that come out of their mouth are just: stupid. Granted, I wish everyone would just get along and do their thing for them, the arrogance and ignorance is crazy. In Japan, they do it because they like it, not to prove anything. Yes, they will want to be lower, or faster than the next guy, but in the end, their car is built for them.

Car culture is a very tight knit community with so many things separating everyone from getting along with others. For me, I do things for me, and to be different. That mindset would take the scene by storm and cause some amazing builds to happen. The big picture here is, we should be more like the Japanese. Whether cultural differences cause the difference in mindset, but as car people, we are in it together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tid bit on my feelings about Japanese Car culture. As always, if you want more be sure to subscribe! Have a wonderful day!

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