The Journey of Becoming a Dad

It has been a long time for sure,

But it hasn’t been in vain!

There have been a ton of changes happening in my life, including becoming a Dad! My Daughter was born on October 2, 2017 and As I am writing this she is just a little over 2 weeks old. Which it has been a crazy struggle to say the least!


To make an extremely long story short, I’ve actually created another site in which I will be documenting my journey with her, and other various things.

You Can find the new site Here!

I strongly encourage you to check it out, as I’m going back to my roots of writing for me, and documenting my life and thinking as I go through some of the most interesting times of my life. Which In the first post I wrote for that Site, I go over a little bit of what happened with her being born. But, nonetheless, it is something that I’m going to be taking pride in, and absolutely will be having a blast writing, and filming (YouTube channel is Made as well!), through the struggles of being a First Time Dad, with a Daughter, and that has some unorthodox hobbies.

But Again,

I would really love if you could check that out, and let me know on the other site what you think, and definitely give it a follow for new posts and Videos!

Check out the New Site!

Dustin Meyer

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  1. Congrats on the new baby you are embarking on a life time journey of love, joy, excitement and one of the greatest accomplishments in life you could achieve. Wish you so much happiness and many blessings.

  2. When I click on “You can find the new site Here” I get a screen that says “Theadventuresofacardad does not exist”. So Is there another way I can find your new site. Perhaps I will hit you up on Facebook or Twitter.

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