The Journey of a Mind pt. 2

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As all minds will develop over time.

Starting at a young age, that happened to me as well. But the big thing is, when I was growing up the big influencer was technology. There was so many different advances in technology and I do know at one point, the amount of memory a computer could hold was doubling every 6 months, and I’m sure it continues to do so.

When I was younger, between all of the hectic atmosphere as I was playing baseball and learning things, I managed to balance a few things: baseball, video games, and friends. The interesting thing though is that even though I was very shy, I still managed to have quite a few friends, even with moving a few different schools and homes at both parents houses. Outside of school, I had a couple really good friends as a kid, Matt and Andy. Matt I had known since I was 5 playing baseball, and we always would do things together with our respective families etc. Andy I actually met because he was my neighbor at my dad’s house.

These two managed to be a long term lesson on how friends develop as you get older.

All of my common interests happened to be theirs, and as I said earlier, I was a baseball player in and out. Until it came in 4th grade (I think I was 9 or 10) when my Dad and Andy’s dad got the idea that they start a football team for us to play on. Me being athletic, I could play any sport with a ball, and being that I was bigger than most kids it helped a lot. But all in all, football wasn’t my thing but why not right, I gave it a shot.

The second game in, I broke my hand (Without Knowing). After a week or so, finally went to the doctor to get x-rays and low and behold I was missing a bit of a chunk. I didn’t get a cast (just a brace because we waited to go in) me at that point didn’t have a high pain tolerance at all, it sucked really bad, plus it was my dominant hand. Low and behold, I was pretty much told that I was still going to play with a broken hand.

Let’s just say that was my first and last year that I played football.

Lesson wise, I definitely learned a bit about what I can do even pushing myself through pain. In turn that was really beneficial to me, in that I know how far I can push myself. I am my biggest critic for sure, and that showed that my competitive nature comes out all the time.

Back to the brain side of things.

Usually during the younger years of development you are more able to create new habits and stuff, especially with studying and school. Me, I never developed any study habits because it has always been easy for me. This ended up biting me in the butt. Routine wise, literally what I would do is finish most of my homework at school, then once I got home, jump on the computer to play Runescape, or play the Playstation or Xbox and go outside to play. But as fun as it might seem, it didn’t help in the long run, except for maybe my tech savvy mindset now.

Video games were a huge part of my life, and still are. It is one of my biggest passions, and I will always love playing. Nowadays, you have so many different controversies regarding games and how they affect children and our youth; but from my eyes, depending what they are, they help a ton on developing skills that would take years otherwise. As huge of an impact that they have had on me, I wouldn’t be thinking how I do or have been able to meet so many different people over the years if it wasn’t for video games.

My mind has been shaped by a digital world, and has given me the knowledge to share. Either way, my mind wouldn’t have developed like it has, and I thank video games for that.

That is going to do it for part 2 of the 10 part Series, the Journey of a Mind.

Check out part 1 here!

Let me know what you think so far, and if you plan on following this journey I am sharing with you.

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