The Journey of a Mind Pt.1

A journey always starts at some point, without the start you have nothing at all.

This journey is no different.

Where you might think that things always have started being perfect, they weren’t anything like that. Growing up is always a chore. No matter what we are always stuck in that certain way, or that certain situation that we had no choice but to be a part of.

Perfection is very relative, and being a thinking doesn’t just happen overnight, it is something that is learned through time and many different experiences. I didn’t have the luxury of always being the way that I am. In fact, I was very different throughout my whole life. Like many families here in the US I had separated parents. This actually happened when I was 3, so I have been molded by this lifestyle.

Fortunately it didn’t really hit me until I was older, but as a kid having two families was awesome, two of every holiday, more presents, different rules etc. So as you might see, I didn’t mind this at all. However, I was a kid and didn’t know any better.

For me I don’t really have any memory of my parents being together (I was a toddler after all), but I do have memories of when they were in the same vicinity; It never was a pretty picture. Even at that, my mom especially made things work.

The interesting thing is, even though my parents got divorced when I was young, they soon after found someone else. My mom marrying when I was 7 and my dad doing the same earlier than that. Then came in the step parents, which was definitely a change. On one hand we had my dad and step mom, whom pulled off a very intricate front which I later found out. The other being my Mom and step-dad, which genuinely cared about me and what I was doing in my life.

So we have two completely different fronts here, good and bad.

This was something I found out as an adult.

So me being a young kid, I got into baseball when I was merely 4 years old. I hated it at first, but over time I adapted, and low and behold I was pretty awesome at it. Then that is when baseball became my life.

It wasn’t just that either, I was doing awesome in school and even got accepted into the gifted program in 1st grade (Which then was unheard of). So you could say things were pretty awesome from my side of things. Then you had my mom, which had gone through hell during this time. At one point this superwoman was working 3 jobs, going to college¬†full time (She had me at 20), and making it to every single baseball game that I played in. She did this, so we could make it, and we did.

My Dad worked early mornings delivering Coca-cola to various stores and locations throughout the city, so I never really saw him during the morning routine either. When I was with him, we lived in a two bedroom trailer, with my mom a 2 bedroom apartment.

But for me, everything was great. I had all that I could want, I played a sport and did really well, I did awesome in school, so what more could I want? Well, unfortunately even with my mom doing all that she could for me, and for us, I was put against her and my now Stepdad. I was told (even as a very young kid) very rude things about them from my father. Even then I believed him, because he was my dad right? He wouldn’t tell me anything other than the truth.

How wrong was I..

With my first elementary school Lake Alfred Elementary I stayed¬†there until 2nd grade, then my mom (and dad) moved out of the zone, so I switched. So I arrived at Alta Vista Elementary, with no new friends and no decent social skills (I was always shy). I hated it! So much! But it was only temporary, I was on the wait list for another school of choice, but we didn’t know how long that would take. Every day that I would go to school, I would come up with some reason to leave, and this was me, the same kid who did awesome and got all good grades. I just didn’t want to be there.

Fast forward about a month, then one of the most tragic events in US history happen. September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center’s fell. I remember this very vividly, because I was in my classroom when every teacher ended up turning the Tv’s on, I had another random illness, and went to the clinic to call my mom to get me, that was where I saw the towers fall.

So here we are with a very interesting situation going on at school, and a tragedy happening.

It was interesting because Alta Vista ended up not a very bad school, but come Christmas Break I got accepted into Bethune Academy, my new home.

Now I finally will be able to stay and be consistent with what I was doing! Once I got settled in I made friends quickly, especially at PE because I was always bigger than everyone else, and athletic, so who wouldn’t want me on their team!

Around this time, I played baseball still regularly, and always made it to the All Star teams. I actually ended up being featured in the local newspaper when I helped my All Star team win the district tournament. That game I actually pitched, but got hit in the eye by a baseball when we were in the dugout (crazy freak accident type thing). But I was a trooper and held it out.

Elementary school was when I found my love for Video games, Cars, and Baseball at the time. That was the time where my mind developed much more rapid than it would have otherwise. Actually video games really game me a new love for adventure, strategy, and some philosophy. Especially as games were getting more advanced. Realizing now that if it wasn’t for a few specific games (Runescape, Pokemon, Yugi-Oh) I definitely wouldn’t have learned as much about technology and thinking that I had.

This point gave me the time to actually start learning, the time to give my brain time to develop without being over worried about social environments. Things were actually stabilizing.

That is going to do it for part one of this ten part series, if you like it definitely don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments, give the blog a follow, and subscribe to the newsletter for updates regarding the series as we go along! This will help give you an insight into my life and the things that I’ve been through to get me to the point of only wanting to motivate and inspire others through my work.

Thank you so much for reading!


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