Knowing your History is Important

No matter where you are at in the world, history is something that we have to know. Whether it is getting a bit of a background on what is going on in current events, or just plain having the knowledge which sets you a part from the competition. You might just be surprised how many people actually don’t know their history, that includes people in the US especially and even many people who claim to be religious. (See Religion and how it is Seen in Society)

Why is it important?

History literally is the root of where we have made it today. Without history, technically there is no present. The big thing to actually understand as well, is history is generally written by the winners. History indeed is made each and every day, somewhere, somehow in the world. You have to have history. There is definitely a reason that it is taught in schools around the world, however with different renditions.

I find that many Americans don’t know history at all. Not even of their own country, but world history. All history is a must, it leads to living a more knowledgeable and fulfilled life. Whether we are sitting here talking amongst others, or giving a speech, or even writing about it, there is no better fuel than knowledge. Being able to relate to things that you speak about, or write about gives you an upper hand. Where you might have been that one person in history class who didn’t pay attention, say you travel to Rome or Paris or even somewhere like Okinawa in Japan, you won’t appreciate what you are seeing. History gives you a insight into actual humanity.

It is definitely skewed, but regardless just knowing something is worth it. Everything that we learn has a purpose, this is definitely no exception. You see nowadays where there are pieces on the news which discuss oppression, religious wars, poverty, and even racism. Those are just one of the ways that we are herded into believing what we see, but when you know the actual background of the situation, you aren’t just another sheep, you are the leader. (See State of the World)

In the end, who we are depends on what we know and how we apply it. We all have our gifts, but even our weaknesses need to be addressed. Once that happens, we become truly unstoppable.


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