The Lost Journal | A Soul Captured on Pages

Total Invasion of Privacy

I recently discovered a journal in the drawer of my new apartment. The discovery was made in search of a pen to write in my own journal.

The corner of the book was revealed as I pulled the drawer open. My curiosity kicked in and my hand reached for this book with a silver feathered decorating its cover. At first I was uncertain as to what the book could contain and I immediately expected blank pages. I flipped through the first few pages and was surprised by neat and fine handwriting. As I read the first line it became evident this was a journal. The date showed it to be from September of 2012.

An internal battled arose as I contemplated on whether to read this or not. Dare I look into the soul of another person? Am I worthy of such a gift? My curiosity reigned supreme and within minutes I was in bed, ready to read the first page. As I read the beautifully written words a strange feeling bubbled from within, a feeling so intense but with no single word to capture its essence. I realized that I am looking into the life of a person I have never met, and probably never will. It felt strange to read their thoughts and to experience a feeling of similarity.

I read the first few pages the first night, experiencing the adventure this person had set off on. I had no idea whether this person was a man or a woman, no idea of their background. My only guide is the words on these pages.

A Familiar Stranger

I had read on and discovered so much about this person. It seems that the struggles we all go through are not as different as we would all hope but our approach is what defines us. Our memories and experiences truly are all we have in the end. There is a beautiful quote on the cover which I feel is extremely relevant;

Splendor is in the Memories

The Beauteous yesterday

is fading away like a blushed twilight

Though nothing can bring back

the hours of sweet treasured past

I will grieve not,

but rather find splendor

in the memories




Dustin Meyer

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