Make Your Children Feel Safe

Making our children feel safe is probably one of the most important jobs we have as parents. The thing is, we have to sit back and realize that we have to take initiative and be the best for them. But the thing is, how do we go about doing such a daunting task all of the time?

We used to think about how we educate, control and influence our children, but sometimes we don’t take in consideration that they absorb EVERYTHING around us, whether it is your tone, your volume, your mood, the way you act, react and respond.

Our voice. Our voice causes a strong effect over people around us but even much more over our kids. We have plenty of problems, worries and “to-do’s” in our mind, and it’s easy that we don’t pay attention to the way we say things.

Words, and the way you express them, are so powerful. Depending on the tone you let your words out, your kid will understand that you are upset, sad, disappointed, worried, happy…. and it’s probable that they get it wrong, just because what we are saying does not match with the emotion we transfer. This will make them confused and lost. Our obligation is to guide and protect.

Sometimes it is difficult. Right. So, for me, what’s best is, every time I have to talk to my daughter, I stop for a second in my mind and “go down” to her world, so I can make myself responsible of my words, tone, volume and caring in my expressing.

A big part of the feeling of safety they need, comes from knowing what’s going on and having control of the situations (their own control). If they know how you are exactly feeling, they will feel more calm and happy.

Making our children feel safe has to be the biggest and most important tasks as parents. Be sure to always be there for them.

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