Charity and Applying it in Life

Charity is something that comes up in discussion when you talk about giving something, or donating. But charity is another beast entirely. When most people think of charity, the common thought is donating to some fund which is going to feed people, or give clothes or food to the hungry etc etc. But charity is so much more than that, in some cases working with a charity (hands on at least) can make a huge impact to someone’s life.

Something to think about is: Are monetary donations the best thing you can do? The answer simply is no. Money is not everything. Money can do some things, like buying tangible items. But money alone cannot bring experiences. I find that experience is the most valuable thing in life, without the things that we experience, we do not have memories. Creating a memory should be the primary focus to everyone in the modern world. Life is much shorter than we give it credit for, and time is limited. In order to truly live, we much have these experiences. If we help give some type of experience to others, even if it is the smallest memory, it can change their life drastically.

afgasdg.jpgTime is the most valuable resource on this planet, especially since it is limited. If you truly want to donate to a charity, donate your time. For the people that any charity “helps” their time is just as valuable as yours, simply showing that you are willing to give them some of yours will surely make a world of difference. For a school project I worked with an organization call Boys Town. Boys Town is an organization that gives neglected, abused, and in need children a stable home and a caring family. For the project, we did not have many resources to give to them (Most of what we did with them was donated) but we gave them our time. It gave me a different perspective on life, showing that just some time can make someone extremely happy.

The big question: Is it worth it? Absolutely, working with a charity or non-profit organization pays off tenfold; it gives you an experience for life. I will always recommend that people use some time and work directly with a charity. Just remember, giving your time is worth much much more than giving money, you as well as the people involved will get so much out of the experience, and you might even create an everlasting memory for someone.

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in the world” -Muhammad


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