New World Order and How It Affects Us

The idea of having a New World Order has been tossed around for many years. There are conspiracies and theories of what it is, but the thing that we have not thought about, is how does it affect us? Quite simply, does it truly affect us?

All Seeing EyeWith all of the wars that are going on in the world, the general public may default to a new order being sanctioned in order to control the world. But with the vast majority of those, most are fought over differing religions, or in some cases fighting someone else’s battle for them. The New World Order was really prominent during the nuclear scares of the Cold War and during the mass genocide in Germany during WWII. Clearly no matter which way you look at it, people were preparing for the worst, and expecting someone to drop a bomb or come to their home. New World Order can be a very loosely used phrase, but it does put fear into the general population.

Rumors of this started as far back as 1773 with Mayer Amschel Rothschild in Germany. Here is where the alleged Illuminati started coming into play, as a number of very powerful individuals came together to pool their resources for more control over Europe. The same can be traced to the Freemasons in the United States from 1796 when Freemasonry became a leading issue of the presidential election. But realistically it is all what you make of it. There are more conspiracy theories than actual facts about the New World Order. We have to pick and choose what we want to believe.

Beliefs are something that drives how we look at this topic. Do you believe that there are secret societies that run the world? Do you believe that there is a New Order being sanctioned against the general population? It is what you make of it, I just want to express that some things are just brought up as a rumor, or a radical thought, in order to provoke people and better control them. Fear is what drives much of the world, and having fear that there are people controlling the world, is what they would want.

Knowledge is the best deterrent to any type of rumor or theory or even fear driven thought. “The more you know” is a good approach to this. Having your mind is a powerful weapon, you can use it for good or bad, that is your choice. But letting the fear of something like this drive you, it is time to open your eyes and find the real answer.

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Dustin Meyer

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  1. If there is a consortium of secret societies running the New World Order, they’re doing a terrible and random job of it.

    • Definitely, my point is that regardless of how you look at things, there isn’t evidence of any sort of secret societies or anything, unless like most conspiracy theorists do is blame the government. Which is plausible for some things, but I just feel that there is too many people who think that the only explanation for some things is a secret society or selling their soul etc.

      Thanks for the Comment!

  2. Their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by two thirds. While the name

    • Sounds like something I read in Inferno, by Dan Brown. I know the concept has been around for a very long time, its crazy how many different ways you can think about a New World Order.

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