On to a New Year | Common Misconceptions

Well, here it is again, the New year is upon us.

Get ready to hear the countless “New Year’s Resolutions” through all of your social media outlets and in person as well.

The thing that I find extremely interesting is that no matter what, each year, many people have the same resolutions. Why? Well, it comes to the idea that time just slips away, or even others which start doing whatever they set out to do for the new year, then stop. The culprit? No one really knows, maybe it is a commitment thing?

New Year’s Resolution

But nonetheless, looking forward to a new year doesn’t have to mean you set out all of these goals to accomplish. The same way you wouldn’t say “Oh I want to become successful by tomorrow”. Yeah it is good to have a mindset of bettering yourself each year, but it shouldn’t be the last thing you think about for the year.

Where it might seem like a good thing, goal setting is something you need to pay attention to no matter what time of year, especially smart goal setting. Give yourself the chance to actually accomplish those things, not just start then stop.

We are given the time that we have for a reason, why should we waste it? There is a reason that gym memberships surge during January. Why? New Year’s resolutions. But why wouldn’t it be one of those things that is a steady influx?

Check this out:

16% of gym memberships happen in January.

That actually represents a 33-50% Increase in Volume.

Around 80% of those Stop coming by the second week in February.

That is pretty crazy huh? Check here out for more information regarding all of those stats.

New Year Same You?

This is one of those things that you can’t look at just from the surface. Yes, you might be attempting to change your lifestyle in some way, but regardless you are you.

No time of year will change this.

Here’s the issue: many people want to change at the end/beginning of each and every year; but without taking out the bad decisions that have been made through the gaps.

It’s really troubling, but its real. At the end of it all, if you don’t stick to something you won’t change. But this is the hard reality for so many people. This goes down as a very harsh case of psychology, people psych themselves out or just find that it is too hard to stick to whatever they set out. Unfortunately, everything great comes in both time and a ridiculous amount of hard work. But some don’t get that.

Why it is Important to always Set Goals

Like I’ve said before, goal setting is essential no matter what time of the year it is. What we have to do is understand why this gives us the benefit that it does.

Well, when you set a goal you are giving yourself a concrete thing you want to accomplish. Well, of course this is even better if you do it with someone else or even simply write it down. But it is essentially a game of psychology with yourself. You want to be able to win at this game (I’m very competitive, especially with myself) so you will always push yourself to do better.

That goes for every time of the year, you have to be willing to push yourself and work hard for your “resolutions” otherwise they will always evade you.

Don’t let the New Year intimidate you with goals, just know that you can accomplish all of them, in time. Push yourself, and know that it will happen.

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